First renderings of Riley Technologies’ new LMP1-GTP car

American race chassis manufacturer, Riley Technologies, previously announced its plans to build a Le Mans Protoytpe car this past March. Further development of this car has been produced, including the attached rendering.

© Riley Technologies

Following further study, a closed-top design was selected for the new Riley Mk.XIV Le Mans P1 car (LMP1), over an open-top design, in order to reduce drag and for better airflow to the rear wing. The new chassis will include electric power-assisted steering and a unique shock and spring package with a third spring in the front and rear, all in a full carbon tub and roll over structure. The chassis is designed to accept twin turbo V8’s, as well as normally aspirated V8 and V10 engines.

Customer support from Riley Technologies, including an expanded parts division, will be available for the new Le Mans Protoytpe car.

© Riley Technologies

The cost of the new Riley Mk.XIV Le Mans P1 chassis is $675,000, without engine and electronic systems. Delivery can start as early as November 2005, depending on order date.

“We are quite excited about this new prototype program,” said Bill Riley. “We believe we have put together a competitive, safe, reliable, cost-effective P1 chassis that is American-made. The time has come for an American manufacturer to build a Prototype car and we have the knowledge and experience to do it. Although our focus is on the P1 car, a P2 version is being considered, if the interest is there.”