Le Mans test day coverage

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Hello everyone and welcome to our live coverage of the Le Mans Test Day. As of 9.00 AM CET (8 AM UK time) we will be bringing you the alternatives, times and other news as they develop. Please stay with us and we hope it will be an exciting day in preparation for the big race in two weeks time.
Sunny day at La Sarthe with a temperature of 15 degrees centigrade and a forecasted maximum of 26 for today, perfect conditions for test day.

8.58- Cars already queue up at the pit lane exit

9.00- Pit lane open and one of the Corvettes hits the road first!

9:04- First cars pass by the main straight on their way to their first timed lap

9:15- We have some issues with our timing screen, working to fix it…apologies.

9.25- Top 3 in LMP1 #16 Pescarolo, #3 Audi, #2 Audi , Pesca time 3.42.7 so we’re only warming up…

9.27- Top3 in LMP2 #25 RML (3.51.799), #32 Barazi, # 40 Quifel ASM

9.31- GT1 is now #55 Oreca Saleen (3.57.142). Both works Corvettes in 2nd and 3rd

9.32- GT2 is 76 IMSA(4.16.490)-97 Risi- 93 Autorlando

9.35- The time of Manu Collard is now 3.38.585 still leading LMP1 from Lurh’s Audi (3.38.607) and 3rd is now the RfH Dome in 3.42.348

9.38- Changes in LMP2 where the Barazi Zytek is quickest (Ojjeh in 3.52.200) and GT2 where Flying Lizard (v Overbeek) is quickest in 4.09.250

9.41- Sarrazin gets the Peugeot on 3rd with 3.40.355

9.43- 3.49.220 and Kurosawa gets the "other" Zytek arounfd the circuit in the LMP2 best time.

9.45- Cars still without times : 007 and 009 Aston, Arena Zytek, 86 Spyker, 87 Scuderia ecoss, 20 Pierre Bruneau, 29 T2M Dome

9.50- With a 4.10.908 Kirkaldy gets Scuderia ecosse on 2nd GT2 time strisght out of the pits. Lammers improves to 3rd in LMP1 with 3.39.204

9.52 Olivier Beretta goes quicker in GT1 on the Corvette 3:56.568, Team Oreca is now 2nd but the 007 Aston gets now 3rd place, Peter Kox scoring 3:58.072

9.58- Collard gets 3.35.121 so the times slowly go down…

10.00- At the top of the hour LMP1 is 16 Pescarolo (3.35.121), 3 Audi (3.37.810), 14 Racing for Holland (3.39.204), 8 Peugeot (3.40.355) and 17 Pescarolo (3.40.671)

10.02- LMP2 is 33 Zytek (3.49.220),25 RML (3.51.799),32 Barazi (3.52.200), 44 Kruse(3.55.172) and 31 Binnie (3.59.332)

10.06- GT1 008 Larbre (3.55.020),009 Aston (3.55.148) 007 Aston(3.56.524), 64 Corvette(3.56.568) and 63 Corvette (3.56.817)

10.09- GT2 80 Flying Lizard (4.07.857), 99 Risi (4.07.858), 87 Ecosse (4.10.285), 76 IMSA (4.10.989) and 93 Autorlando (4.11.416)

10.12- In the meantime the #16 Pesca clocked a 3.33.624, Audi #2 3.36.063, Pesca 17 is now 3rd with 3.36.987, Creation 6th at 3.40.230 behind Audi # 3 and RfH

10.14- The Bruichladdich radical gets 3.52.498 which means a 4th time in class, Binnie improves with 3.53.748 (Buncombe driving) but they are 5th behind the Radical, . At the top still Zytek-RML Lola-Barazi Zytek

10.25 Red flag

10:47- the red lights are still on, no action on the track

10:50 still on red, some reflections on "slow" cars, Rollcentre only managed 3.50.915 up to now and Swiss Spirit 3.54.515 in LMP1 , LMP2 sees Saulnier at 4.03.188 and Quifel’s best is 4.05.145. 4.48.025 for T2M…

10:55- The reason for the red flag is one of the Courages, completely destroyed as it is being brought back to the pits, the ASM Lola last year looked perfect compared to this wreck…

11:00 The green light is back, action on the track!

11:04- Sarrazin in 3.33.094 gets Peugeot on first

11:09- Warren Hughes gets the Quifel ASm to 3rd in class clocking 3:46.848

11:10- Magnussen gets the 64 Corvette in front of the Astons now with 3:54.350

11:11- 4.06.585 from Salo and the 97 Risi Ferrari is now quickest GT2

11:12- 86 Spyker and 20 Pierre Bruneau still need to score a proper lap time!!

11:17- Sarrazin gets the first time in the 32s… 3.32.803 and he’s still fastest overall , great job from Pescarolo up to now with both cars mixed with the Audis and Peugeots…however it is still early in the day

11:25- GT1 is now 64 Corvette(3.52.520)- 63 Corvette(3.54.350) and 008 Larbre Aston (3.55.020)

11:28- LMP2 still 33 Zytek, 25 RML and 40 Quifel ASM

11:29 Autorlando in second on GT2 (4.07.429) behind the 97 Risi Ferrari (4.06.585) , a 4.07.857 still keeps Flying Lizard on

11:29 Biela takes the #1 Audi to the top of the timesheets with 3.32.050…we’re getting quicker and quicker now…Pescarolos third and fifth, great job by Henri’s team at the moment!!!!!

11:36- Guillaume Moreau who was driving the Courage #13 (which had caused the red flag after a heavy shunt) has been taken into hospital for examination.

11:39 Now we’re talking! Biela goes round in 3.30.899…will Pesca or Peugeot have an answer for this???

11:48: Minassian gets Peugeot number 7 to 4th in 3.35.989 , the top 5 is now Audi-Peugeot-Pescarolo-Peugeot-Audi

11:59 -LMP2 with Zytek 33 still leading, RML and Barazi Zytek complete the top 3

12:00- Brabham and Enge get the Astons in between the Corvettes, second and third.GT1 is now 64-009-007-63

12:02- The Porsches are ahead of the Ferraris now , IMSA leads on 4.05.389 followed by Flying Lizard on 4.05.892, Salo is now 3rd

12:04- Collard gets 3.31.958 and second overall, Pescarolo are really putting a good fight today.

12:05 with 3.41.759 Michael Vergers gets the Barazi Zytek on top of LMP2, Zyteks clearly have an edge on speed on the Lolas for the moment. The bruichladdich Radical is 5th in class now behind RML and Quifel ASM.

12:10- Tracy krohn gets 99 Risi Ferrari on 5th in GT2 right behind the Autorlando Porsche

12:14- second red flag of the morning session

12.23- Reason for the red flag seems to be the Noel del Bello Courage

12.28- While we wait for the green flag some analysis again:In GT2 pretty slow times for GPC and Af Corse Ferraris (4.30 and 4.21 respectively) while Spyker is struggling with the engine on number 86

12:31 – back to green flag…

12:32- The Convers Menx Ferrari(4.06) and the JLOC Lamborghini (4.08) are the two trailing cars in GT1 at the moment

12:34- T2M still way behind in LMP2 at 4.40, the Noel del Bello and saulnier Courage are also below standard at 4.02 and 4.05 respectively (behind most GT1s)

12:37- Back markers in LMP1 are Chamberlain Lola (3.46) and Swiss Spirit (3.45), the petrol vs diesel Audi theory seems not to be working for the time being…

12:39- 3.47.135 and the Kruse pescarolo gets fifth now in LMP2

12:41- Salo back to second in GT2 with 4.05.840 , Kirkaldy gets Ecosse to 4th (4.06.134),

12:44- top time in GT2 is IMSA with 4.05.389

12:48 no changes in LMP1 or LMP2 , slight time improvement buth both leaders remain the same.

12:50- 10 minutes to go and Malucelli gets the BMS Aston on 5th of GT1 3.54.283

12:53- Vergers is flying and gets 3.39.304 for the Barazi Zytek on top of LMP2, almost 3 seconds quicker than the second in class, the other Zytek

12:55- With 5 minutes to go, let’s see if any of the teams gets a quick run….

12:57- Bruichladdich radical to 4th in LMP2 at 3.45.942

12:58- Nic Minassian gets Peugeot number 7 on second with 3.31.678

13:00- Kirkaldy gets Ecosse on top of GT2 with 4.04.635 !!

13:04- Minassian equals Audi’s top time, Audi and Peugeot end up both at 3.30.605….

13:06- Session ended, top 5 per class:


1-1 Audi 3.30.605

2-7 Peugeot 3.30.605 (identical time as #1)

3-16 Pescarolo 3.31.958

4-8 Peugeot 3.32.803

5-3 Audi 3.34.651


1-32 Barazi Zytek 3.39.304

2-33 Lowe’s Zytek 3.42.080

3-25 RML Lola 3.43.603

4-21 Bruichladdich Radical 3.43.985

5- Quifel ASM Lola 3.46.848


1-64 Corvette 3.52.520

2-009 Aston 3.52.581

3-007 Aston 3.52.907

4-63 Corvette 3.53.824

5-100 BMS Aston 3.54.283


1-87 Scuderia Ecosse Ferrari 4.04.635

2-76 IMSA Matmut Porsche 4.05.389

3-97 Risi Ferrari 4.05.840

4-80 Flying Lizard Porsche 4.05.892

5-93 Autorlando Porsche 4.06.420

We’ll be back at 14.00 CET, 13.00 UK time….