Planetlemans coverage of the Le Mans 24 Hours (12)

© Planetlemans – Marcel ten Caat

We are heading into chapter 12 of our live Le Mans report and as always the last chapter is the best. The rain is pouring down at the moment, visibility at the Hunaudières is reduced to almost zero and we still have 2 hours to go. Keep reading the report of what might become a real thriller.
13:00- All cars are on wets now. It is rainig cats and dogs.

13:05- Audi and Pescarol nearly collide at the end of the Hunaudières. Fortunately an accident is avoided

13:06- The Autorlando Porsche misses the Playstation Chicane and goes straight through the tyres and advertising boards. The front of the car is damaged but it is not returning to the pitlane.

13:11- The Binnie Motorsport Lola has gone into the pitlane and is pulled back in the box. Most likely they will not risk damaging their car as they have a 20 lap lead of the other LMP2 still racing.

13:16- Pescarolo 17 goes back out after some wing adjustments to keep it on the track. The Corvette 73 has different problems, seems like they cannot see anything through the window

13:18- The rain keeps pouring down and especially at the back end of the circuit it should be terrible. Audi is preparing a pitstop. The number 55 Oreca Saleen has gone into the box, the 31 Binnie Lola has just come out again

13:20- Marco Werner is back in the pit and has changed from normal wets to extreme wets. Peugeot 7 is out again as well

13:22- Team Modena has put its spare car in the pitlane. Unfortunately it is only in 1/18 scale

13:23- Luc Alphand Aventures C5-R 73 enters the pits at the same moment as the 72 C6-R ends up in the gravel trap at the Esses

13:26- A Peugeot misses the Playstation Chicane, like the Audi did before

13:27- The number 7 Peugeot returns to its box and is immediately pulled in again (and retired). 63 Corvette makes a small detour via the gravel trap.

13:35- The 33 Fernandez Barazi-Epsilon is put back into the garage. As it is second in LMP2 and there are only two cars they have all the time they need to sort out any problems.

13:41- Bourdais is lapping like he is still able to win. He is 30 seconds a lap quicker than the Audi at the moment.

13:44- The Binnie Motorsport team is still working on the car, which means there is currently NO LMP2 car on the track.

13:49- The Autorlando that crashed through the barriers is back on the track. It has a one lap lead over the AF Corse Ferrari to defend.

13:54- Larbre Aston 006 is in the pitlane.

13:58- Rollcentre Radical is in the pit again. Barbosa is waiting to go out again.

14:00- PSI is preparing its Corbette to go out again.

14:03- Collard has entered the pit. With third place the maximum possible result there is no need in rushing.

14:05- Pirro, on behalf of Audi most likely, is asking for a safety car via a letter saying "Safety Car???"

14:06- Collard has left the pitlane again.

14:10- Team Modena Aston Martin is in the pitlane

14:11- The Safety Car has been deployed

14:15- Peugeot 8 and Pecarolo 17 are in the pitlane. The Peugeot is pushed back into its box!!

14:17- Drama in the Peugeot box, just like the number 7 car before everything is sealed of and the media can not get see much.

14:27- Chamberlain Lola has entered the pitlane. Teams are forming the ’demo groups’ already. Astons are joining up for example.

14:29- Chamberlain back on track, Peugeot 8 being prepared to return.

14:30- The Peugeot seems ready but it is still in its garage, will it wait until the last minute to go out?

14:33- The Peugeot is finally taken out… but is still stationary

14:35- The LMP2 leader is also in the garage and there is hard work going on, it is still not done for Binnie…

14:36- Finally and under cheer from the crowd, Peugeot number 8 is back on the track

14:46- Well, no real thriller…as the outcome of the overall victory is known with this safety car (sorry!)

14:53- The Binnie Motorsport car is back on the track, they will win Le Mans (and our logo is on their car for the first time…)

14:58- Peugeot number 8 has stopped on the circuit!!! Peugeot is about to go home with nothing!?!?

15:00- The chequered flag is out….

Werner, Pirro, Biela win the Le Mans 24 Hours for Audi Sport! Bourdais, Sarrazin, Lamy finish second and Collard, Boullion, Dumas are third.

Buncombe, Timpany and Binnie win the LMP2 class

Brabham, Rydell and Turner win the GT1 class

Narac, Lietz and Long win the GT2 class