Japan Le Mans Challenge – Okayama Race

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The final round of the Japan Le Mans Challenge ended in a very unusual way. For the first time this season there was no Courage LC70 or Zytek 05S on top after 6 hours of racing but another competitor. The AIM Sports GC-21 completed 228 laps and finished just over 28 seconds ahead of the Team Mugen Courage. In third place it was the GT1 Ferrari 550 Maranello of Hitotsuyama Racing, three laps behind the winner. ^ Of the ten starting cars only eight made it to the finish, the Porsche 996 GT3-Rs of 910 Racing and Scuderia Forme did not make it to the end and were already out of the race after just one hour. The Hitotsuyama Racing Zytek had a troubled race again, they crossed the line fifty-five laps down in seventh place. The battle in GT2 was won by Porsche. The Porsche 997 GT3 RSR of Hitotsuyama Racing finished the race in fourth place overall while the Team Kawamura Ferrari 430 GT2 was 18 laps behind in sixth place overall.

Japan Le Mans Challenge – Okayama – Race Result

  1. AIM Sports GC-21 LMP2 – 228 laps
  2. Team Mugen Courage Mugen LC70 LMP1 – 28.610s
  3. Hitotsuyama Racing Ferrari 550 GT1 – 3 laps
  4. Hitotsuyama Racing Porsche 997 GT3-RSR GT2 – 13 laps
  5. Jidousha Koubou Myst RS.Oscar.SK-93 LMP2 – 21 laps
  6. Team Kawamura Ferrari 430 GT GT2 – 31 laps
  7. MAX Racing RS.KK-LM LMP2 – 32 laps
  8. Hitotsuyama Racing Zytek 05S LMP1 – 55 laps
  9. Scuderia Forme Porsche 996 GT3-R GT1 (DNF)
  10. 910 Racing Porsche 996 GT3-R GT2 (DNF)