David Leslie and Richard Lloyd killed in plane accident

A tragic plane accident took the lives of 5 people outside of Kent in the UK today. Among the deceased were ex-drivers David Leslie and Richard Lloyd who were on their way to Nogaro for the FIA GT3 equalisation test where they were running the Team Apex Jaguar.

David Leslie had a strong driver career on the BTCC until 2003 when he started as a commentator in Eurosport for various touring car series. He had been Scottish karting champion as well asformula Ford champion.

Richard Lloyd raced Saloons in the 70s before switching to Sportscars with his own team, Richard Lloyd racing, where he raced group C Porsche 956s and 962s. He created Audi Sport UK racing in the BTCC and came back to sportscars running the Audi R8C program in 1999-2000 and then the Bentley EXP Speed 8 program in 2001. Lloyd had rebaptized the team as Apex Racing and was currently developing the XKR Jaguar for the FIA-GT3 championship.

From Planetlemans we extend our condolences to their families and those of the others deceased in the accident.

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  1. Terrible news, leslie was a great touring & le mans pilote and commentator on motors tv uk.
    Richard Llyod, the boss behind bentleys return & win at le mans in 2003 etc.
    Which i was there to witness R.I.P

  2. I am still shocked. I knew David Leslie from the seventies, when I had retired from racing myself, and was driving Donington’s Incident vehicle. A lovely man, and a great loss. Richard Lloyd too…a terrible day for our sport.
    Gerry Taylor

  3. I too wish my condolences to everyone involved in the crash and have posted a tribute on my two websites.

    I have to know, Gabriel Portos, i was up all last night and only found out that it was David Leslie and Richard Lloyd at about 4am UK time. How on earth did you find out? Great intel though.

  4. Sad day. I had the pleasure of knowing Richard for 37 years, and was his mechanic in 1972 to 1976 during which time he raced a Camaro Z28 with great success, including winning the 1973 Avon Tour of Britain with James Hunt – a contemporary of Richard’s at Wellington.

    I once asked him how he would like to be remembered – as Cliff Richard’s manager, a race driver whose highest achievement was finishing second at Le Mans – but he said he would always want to be remembered as a successful team manager – which he truly was. Rest in Peace – you achieved your every ambition.

    David – we will miss you too

  5. Again terrible news!

    I will miss the musings of one David Leslie on Eurosport’ coverage of the FIA WTCC and this year’s coverage of LMS on Eurosport. I am sure Martin Haven will encourage a moment of silence in the booth, one would hope.

    King Richard is a legend winning the BTCC title with Audi and Le Mans has he brought home the spoils with the “Bentley Boys” which I know British fans are still celebrating…

    You will be missed!

  6. yeh i just cannot belive it. i just found out today it was leslie etc. well im shocked and what a sad loss.


    you will both be missed

  7. Heartbraking news. May they rest in peace and may their families have a lot of strenght to go thrue a terrible period.

    I remember David as being one of the greats in the BTCC.
    He will be sorely missed.

    So sad.

  8. Richard I spoke once at the Goodwood festival of speed being so proud of the Bentley that won Le Mans…

    Why is it allways the good ones that go amiss?

  9. on behalf of many, many touringcar racing enthousiasts from Holland: my condolences. Only the good die young…

  10. This is such sad news. I first worked with david in 97 with judd and then in 2001 engineering when he drove in the USA in speed world challenge. David was also a great teacher helping many drivers and mechanics with a deep technical knowledge outside the car, and we became very good friends. We always stayed in touch as our careers progressed and changed. Only last week i emailed him on the silverstone win.
    My thoughts are with both yours and richards families.

  11. First and foremost, sincere condolences to the families concerned – not forgetting those of the two pilots and the third passenger involved in the tragedy. I had the pleasure of meeting both Richard and David on a number of occasions. Both true gentlemen and “good sports” in the true sense of the phrase.

    I just find it sad and almost unforgivable that even now (1st April 2008), Apex Motorsport has not felt it worthy to pay tribute or even comment on the sad loss of Richard especially, given that he was their Chairman and the man who founded the whole Company.

  12. This is not entirely accurate as the Apex team paid tribute yesterday at Nogaro to the deceased. The GT3 Jaguar was on the pitlane with Dave’s overall and helmet on its hood.

  13. Gabriel is right. A minutes silence was also held at Nogaro yesterday. This is a huge blow and we should also pay tribute to Christopher Allarton, a data engineer for Apex Motorsport, plus the 2 others lost in the accident.

  14. My heart goes out to the families of those killed in this tragedy on Sunday, particularly to the family of Chris Allarton who was just starting his career and must have been so enthusiatic. I know how they must feel because I lost my son who had just qualified as a motorsport engineer 4 years ago.
    God bless them all and never forget them.

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