It’s officially confirmed, the second Epsilon Euskadi is in!!!!


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Epsilon Euskadi will have a second ee1 LMP1 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans starting grid next weekend, thanks to another team disqualification. Epsilon Euskadi’s effort at Le Mans had been prized with the best news the team could receive: Green light for their second ee1 LMP1. On prevision of this contingency, the team brought a second chassis last week to La Sarthe facility.

Ex-F1 drivers Shinji Nakano, Jean-Marc Gounon, and Le Mans winner Stefan Johansson, will drive the car, as it was scheduled. Joan Villadelprat: “It’s the best news we could receive. For sure, it’s a big challenge, but also encouraging. Our possibilities to achieve a good result have grown up a lot. Last hours are crazy, calling the second car’s drivers to arrive quickly to Le Mans.”

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  1. Fantastic news!!

    ofcourse I feel sorry for Racing box which had the DQ, but this ee1 is a tintop ride. Maybe Racing Box was not ready for this challenge, after watching them in training.

    But seeing Nakano, Gounon and johansson in this exciting black beauty, really makes me happy. Eventhough the Euskadi is in its early days, it will be a big lift for the factory to have two cars in.

  2. I think all of these P1 cars look fantastic!

    I almost wish there was now a separate petrol class for P1 – seeing the qualifying times of the Pescarolos, the Aston as well as Dome and Creation would make for a super-exciting competition without Audi and Pug destroying hopes of a podium.

  3. Pescarolo only tests the aero on their car on a military runway. Dome has had little testing and all their drivers are Le Mans rookies. the Charouz Lola Aston Martin hasn’t had lots of testing. Creation has six or seven full-time employees.

  4. Epsilon Euskadi is much different than Pescarolo. They are a four part operation: Education, R&D, Factory, and the race team. They are getting young people involved. They are just getting started.

  5. No separate class is needed. The only reason the petrol cars are not competitive is because of development. Privateers just don’t have the funding a manufaturer has.

    As you can see with the pace of the P2 Porsches if Porsche made a P1 ride it would be a contender.

    So since Acura is dreaming of Le Mans they could be the ones to make a P1 petrol engine to fight at Le Mans.

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