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The 2009 Asian Le Mans Series will be held in Japan and China at the end of October and the beginning of November on the Okayama and Shanghai circuits respectively.

The ACO is continuing its development in Asia, and the club will organise the first Asian Le Mans Series in 2009 open to cars complying with the supplementary regulations of the Le Mans 24 Hours, the American Le Mans Series and the Le Mans Series in the LM P1, LM P2, LM GT1 and LM GT2 categories.

The first event in Japan, initially scheduled at Mount Fuji, will now take place on the Okayama circuit between 30th October and 1st November. The originality of this endurance meeting is that it will share the limelight with the Japanese round of the World Touring Car Championship. In China, the event will be held on the Shanghai circuit on 7th- 8th November. There will be a race on Saturday and one on Sunday, giving the teams a total of 12 hours’ racing split up into four 3-hour events. At the end of the Asian Le Mans Series Championship the winners of the LM P1, LM P2, LM GT1 and LM GT2 categories will be given an automatic invitation for the 2010 Le Mans 24 Hours.

Entries will be accepted from 27th February onwards. When the list closes, the ACO will provide preferential travel conditions for 10 teams from the American Le Mans Series, 10 from the Le Mans Series and 4 from Japan-China. The final list of entries for the 2009 Asian Le Mans Series will be announced on 30th April.

Planetlemans Editor’s Note:

At the press conference in Paris Peugeot confirmed it would send one of its Peugeot 908 HDi FAP race cars to the Asian Le Mans Series races.

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  1. It has moved to Okayama instead of Fuji? Ovbiously Fuji is more suit for LMPs but OK..The 3.7km past F1 course hold double-header w/WTCC. Several potential entlants should be at the region like you said in above. So far no news in local(I’ll post if I hear). It is great if Team Goh and Nissan GT-R GT1 will come.

    Can Peugeot’s appearance, compact 2week consecutive package and importance of China market triggered to other entrants? I hope full of 24car will sit on the grid.

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