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24 Hours of Le Mans

The ACO releases the 2009 Le Mans 24 entry list

At a press conference in Paris this morning the Automobile Club de l’Ouest has announced the 55 entries for this years Le Mans 24 Hours.

1 – Audi Sport Team Joest – Audi R15 TDI
2 – Audi Sport Team Joest – Audi R15 TDI
3 – Audi Sport Team North America – Audi R15 TDI
4 – Creation Autosportif – Creation CA07 Judd
6 – Team LNT – Ginetta-Zytek 09S
7 – Team Peugeot Total – Peugeot 908 HDI FAP
8 – Team Peugeot Total – Peugeot 908 HDI FAP
9 – Peugeot Sport Total – Peugeot 908 HDI FAP
10 – Team Oreca Matmut-AIM – Courage-Oreca LC70 AIM
11 – Team Oreca Matmut-AIM – Courage-Oreca LC70 AIM
12 – Signature Plus – Courage-Oreca LC70 Judd
13 – Speedy Racing Team Sebah – Lola B08/60 Aston Martin
14 – Kolles – Audi R10 TDI
15 – Kolles – Audi R10 TDI
16 – Pescarolo Sport – Pescarolo Judd
17 – Pescarolo Sport – Peugeot 908 HDI FAP
20 – Epsilon-Euskadi – Epsilon Euskadi ee2 Judd
23 – Strakka Racing – Ginetta-Zytek 09S
007 – Aston Martin Racing – Lola Aston Martin
008 – AMR Eastern Europe – Lola Aston Martin
009 – Aston Martin Racing – Lola Aston Martin

5 – NAVI Team Goh – Porsche RS Spyder
24 – OAK Racing – Pescarolo Mazda
25 – RML – Lola B08/80 – Mazda
26 – Bruichladdich-Bruneau – Radical SR9 AER
30 – Racing Box – Lola B08/80 Judd
31 – Team Essex – Porsche RS Spyder
33 – Speedy Racing Team Sebah – Lola B08/80 Judd
35 – OAK Racing – Pescarolo Mazda
40 – Quifel-ASM Team – Ginetta-Zytek 09S
41 – G.A.C. Racing Team – Zytek 07S Zytek
44 – KSM – Lola B09/86 Mazda
49 – Vitaphone Racing Team – Porsche RS Spyder

55 – IPB Spartak Racing – Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT
60 – Gigawave Motorsport – Aston Martin DBR9
63 – Corvette Racing – Chevrolet Corvette C6.R
64 – Corvette Racing – Chevrolet Corvette C6.R
66 – Jetalliance Racing – Aston Martin DBR9
68 – JLOC Isao Noritake – Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT
72 – Luc Alphand Aventures – Chevrolet Corvette C6.R
73 – Luc Alphand Aventures – Chevrolet Corvette C6.R

76 – IMSA Performance Matmut – Porsche 997 GT3 RSR
77 – Team Felbermayr-Proton – Porsche 997 GT3 RSR
78 – AF Corse – Ferrari F430 GT2
80 – Flying Lizard Motorsport – Porsche 997 GT3 RSR
82 – Risi Competizione – Ferrari F430 GT2
83 – Risi Competizione – Ferrari F430 GT2
84 – Team Modena – Ferrari F430 GT2
85 – Snoras Spyker Squadron – Spyker C8 Laviolette GT2R
87 – Drayson Racing – Aston Martin Vantage V8
89 – Hankook-Farnbacher Racing – Ferrari F430 GT2
92 – JMW Motorsport – Ferrari F430 GT2
96 – Virgo Motorsport – Ferrari F430 GT2
97 – BMS Scuderia Italia – Ferrari F430 GT2
99 – JMB Racing – Ferrari F430 GT2

R1 – Team Seattle Advanced Engineering – Ferrari F430 GT2
R2 – Endurance China Team – Porsche 997 GT3 RSR
R3 – IMSA Performance Matmut – Porsche 997 GT3 RSR
R4 – Barazi Epsilon – Zytek 07S
R5 – Gerard Welter – WR Zytek
R6 – Epsilon-Euskadi – Epsilon Euskadi ee2 Judd
R7 – Team Felbermayr-Proton – Porsche 997 GT3 RSR
R8 – Snoras Spyker Squadron – Spyker C8 Laviolette GT2R
R9 – Larbre Competition – Saleen S7R
R10 – Racing Box – Lola B08/80 Judd

A full analysis of the 55 entries and the reserve cars will follow soon, as well as more news from Paris!


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  1. Lots of LMP1 entries – looking a good entry list..

    Aston could win all bar 1 class.

    Posted by Steve Fall | February 26, 2009, 12:27
  2. Loo , where DOME? I’m looking for the DOME S102.

    Posted by Abd Muiz | February 26, 2009, 13:11
  3. no Dome, barazi on the reserve list only, a 4th peugeot for Pescarolo, Vitaphone with an RS Spyder…

    Posted by gpm | February 26, 2009, 13:48
  4. and both Pesca-mazdas from Mr. Nicolet are in…. of course!!!!

    Posted by gpm | February 26, 2009, 13:49
  5. Shocking amount of RSR’s. Only three against 9 Ferrari’s.

    And a customer Peugeot for Pescarolo is a surprise to me too. A bad one but a surprise nonetheless.

    9 Diesels in LMP1… I hope Aston realise that they won’t finish in the top 5, let alone on the podium.

    Dome not being there is Dome’s own fault. I know for a fact that at least one viable winning team tried to approach them for a car in 2009 and they never responded.

    Posted by Robert | February 26, 2009, 13:59
  6. Is this a joke?

    Posted by Tony | February 26, 2009, 14:43
  7. 55 talented members… #5Team Goh back to Lemans w/ RS Spyder. Pesca runs Peugeot. Vitaphone and Signature attack Lemans. Yeah, where Dome is?!

    Posted by deep-blue | February 26, 2009, 15:04
  8. Go AMR!! LMP1, GT1, and GT2 Class!!!

    Posted by Christopher.uk | February 26, 2009, 15:42
  9. It’s a shame that there is no Dome, or Saleen S7-R. But the thing that makes me curious is one on the reserve teams “Endurance China Team”. Is team going to race in the Asian Le Mans Series coming up in November?

    Posted by Josh | February 26, 2009, 17:05
  10. I like the LMP1 entries lets is if the second EE2 LMP1 makes it in the race. But I can’t wait until the race to be here

    Posted by Christopher Bouchard | February 26, 2009, 17:30
  11. Looks like being the best Le Mans for many years. Fantastic LMP1. Just a shame there aren’t more Porsches in GT2.

    Posted by Squeeze | February 26, 2009, 17:33
  12. Oh no… no Dome???

    Posted by Lipp | February 26, 2009, 18:06
  13. there are a good 12 or 13 cars that have good chances to win the race over all pescorolo with peugot should be very interesting to watch

    Posted by coleman | February 26, 2009, 18:09
  14. Looks like the ACO is keen on another Ferrari win in GT2- 9 430 GT’s vs 3 RSR’s is ridiculous. I agree that based on performance last year across various series Ferrari should be allowed more entries than other makes but 9 vs 3 is unfair.

    Posted by Roy | February 26, 2009, 21:46
  15. Wheres Oreca? Are you serious?

    Posted by nes | February 26, 2009, 22:49
  16. oh they are there. I was looking at a nother list, my bad. oopss

    Posted by nes | February 26, 2009, 22:50
  17. And another Ferrari as R1. Let’s hope that somehow the 3 reserve Porsche’s make it in the entry list.

    Posted by Another Roy | February 26, 2009, 22:59
  18. What’s going on with Audi Team North America. I thought they were taking the year off. I thought Joest was even doing Sebring what’s the story there?

    Posted by weberduder | February 27, 2009, 5:01
  19. Stop complaining about Porsche not having enough entries! Where were when Porsche was finishing, 1, 2, 3 and 4 at Le Mans and had no competition.

    The problem with Porsche is these three cars will not be loaded to the gills with factory drivers. B-Man, the owner and Johannes will pedal the Flying Lizard car. The Owner and Pat Long and Lietz will pedal Mamut and the Proton 997 will have a all Porsche factory line up (one hopes!).

    Otherwise they are against 4 extremely strong crewed F430’s. I think the key is where Bruni lands actually. He should be in the AF Corsa car but wasn’t last year, we’ll see. BMS was very strong at Spa and last year at Le Mans, I expect them to be in the hunt as well.

    Good Line up and as the Brits say it will be a cracker…

    I just hope I can get some solid streaming this year for the race, it was okay last year, the server moved twice…

    Posted by Anthony | February 27, 2009, 7:15
  20. I think Robert may be wrong … Aston won’t finish in the top 5 ???.
    Last year they had one car which had an off and spent some time in the pits. Before the off it was mixing it and still finished pretty well up. With 4 cars this year and a better driver line up I would not write them off, after all its 50 years since the DBR1 took overall honours and they will be going for it.

    Posted by Steptoe | February 27, 2009, 9:46
  21. In GT2 do not underestimate the 77 Felbermayr Porsche. They will be the outsider.

    Posted by Roy | February 27, 2009, 11:05
  22. why will they be the out sider???

    Posted by coleman | February 28, 2009, 0:01
  23. Because Felbermayr Sr is a good man and wont get in the car if it is in a position to challenge for the win, he has always played le mans with this attitude.

    Posted by Kyle | February 28, 2009, 16:47
  24. Aston Martin is counting on the reliability of their engine to get them through the race. They have a very strong power plant and one generous restrictor (being originally a GT1 engine).

    Posted by bamba | February 28, 2009, 18:10
  25. yes so what why would that make them a joke last year wolf henzler and Christian Ried did just fine in the car

    Posted by coleman | February 28, 2009, 19:53
  26. Christian Ried wasnt in the car last year at le mans, it was Wolf Henzler, Alex Davison and Felbermayr Sr.

    Posted by Kyle | February 28, 2009, 21:29
  27. “What’s going on with Audi Team North America. I thought they were taking the year off. I thought Joest was even doing Sebring what’s the story there?”

    Tha snwer to that is because there can only be 2 cars per team, so to enter more than 2 cars you have to put it under a different team name. Notice how peugeot shuffled the team name around for the #9 car.

    Also for the #3 car Brad Kettler the manager of Champion Racing usually runs it (makes the calls). Plus the US is their biggest market so they want that to be known.

    Posted by bamba | February 28, 2009, 23:16
  28. Corvette has pressure to win this event outright (1rst and 2nd). Especially with no official Aston Martin cars. Even though Gigawave and JetAlliance will get some solid support.

    AMR Eastern Europe? I heard Aston Martin would start opening up dealerships in Russia so perhaps they figure this would be a good advertising tool.

    Posted by bamba | February 28, 2009, 23:24
  29. shame the barazi zytek is a reserve, whats going on there ex-lms winners and french team of all the lmp2 teams to drop i didnt expect them

    Posted by barry_burner | March 1, 2009, 23:59
  30. iam very interested in the Pescarolo Sport team running a peugeot 908 at lemans i think they willl be a continder for the win most definatly any one else think so?

    Posted by coleman | March 2, 2009, 23:21
  31. also does any 1 know who will drive the kolles audi r 10 for the 24 or the lemans season???

    Posted by coleman | March 2, 2009, 23:27
  32. Colin Kolles shou;d get Emanuelle Piro and Frank Biela together in one of the cars. They wouldn’t ming playing spoilers.

    Actually I found out that the AMR Eastern Europe from Aston MArtin is the car that will be run by the Charouz Racing team. It might have a czech flag instead of british.

    As far as Barazi not being on there, there are many french teams already and they wanted the most successful team to battle it out. Same for Larbre, they’ve always been good, but last season is rather forgetable.

    Posted by bamba | March 2, 2009, 23:44
  33. yea Emanuelle Piro Frank Biela kathern legge and christian albers have all been considered by the kolles team along with there 1 confermed driver

    Posted by coleman | March 3, 2009, 1:13
  34. Does any body else think, if the rules were in favor for the GT1 Maserati MC12. Would they be the team that could give it to Corvette Racing, and also Aston Martin Racing?? (if AMR were still in GT1 Class)

    Posted by Christopher.uk | March 3, 2009, 13:25
  35. umm iam not sure depends who would be in the maserati

    Posted by coleman | March 3, 2009, 22:26
  36. Woo AMR and AMREE will win 007 over 009 this year though and tbh the audi R15 is quick but they peugoets never change there stratagey and though wolfgang knows what hes doing George Howard-Chapple and the boys at AMR will get the job done in the new DBR1-2 / B09-60!

    Posted by phillip pond | May 7, 2009, 13:11
  37. I highly doubt the Bo9-60 is quick enough and reliable enough to challenge the 908 or r15

    Posted by Mike | May 8, 2009, 19:37
  38. it is it really is and will decimate all in June!

    Posted by phillip pond | May 18, 2009, 15:21
  39. the DBR1-2 is it really is and will decimate all in June!

    Posted by phillip pond | May 18, 2009, 15:22
  40. Darren Turner, Jos Verstappen and Anthony Davidson in the ‘lead’ AMR LMP1… That is a car that can take the fight to the diesel’s. You’ve gotta love the underdog!

    Posted by Go AMR | May 18, 2009, 22:11
  41. yea just like it did at spa….

    Posted by mike | May 18, 2009, 23:26
  42. I am a AMR fan, and I will tell you, the 908 and the R15 will drive away at Le Mans. There just faster….

    AMR is going to need lady luck on there side. Not only them, but also the rest of the LMP1 Class.

    Posted by Christopher.uk | May 19, 2009, 3:24
  43. In the 008 AMR car, if David Richards is smart, he should add Jacques Villeneuve to the line up.

    Posted by Christopher.uk | May 19, 2009, 3:31
  44. I assume you’re kidding, Villeneuve wasn’t exactly all that for Peugeot and demanded a huge fee IIRC

    Posted by Rodger Davies | May 19, 2009, 7:47
  45. THis year promises much, i only hope that the rain stays away. It’ll be my third year this year and i’ve had a soaking wet one (2007) and a really hot one with rain overnight (2008).

    THe Audi teams seem impossible to beat, but the Pug was only half a lap behind by the end last year, undone i think by their poor wet weather car set up, they lost time in the rain when the Audi just kept the pace up.

    The R15 at Sebring looked frightning, it will be so hard to beat.

    Here’s hoping for an AMR victory!!

    Posted by Phil | May 19, 2009, 12:30
  46. I will be no surprises for this year.

    LMP1, Audi
    LMP2, Porsche
    GT1, Corvette
    GT2, Ferrari
    Although I’d love to them all to loose.

    LMP1- I’d love to see Audi loose, but the competition is just not strong enough.

    LMP2- Porches is simply to good and proffesional to loose from the Lola’s. Although the Lola’s make a small change.

    GT1-I love AM but they should have sticked to GT1 where they could have a proper change of winning.
    No comments on this class, The ACO is embarrasing themselves with the lineup.

    GT2- Ferrari, easy as that. Maybe a Porsche, same thing. I’m still smiling on the Panoz win.

    So in the end the small change of a Lola winning LMP2,
    is the reason to wach LeMans this year.

    Posted by garp | May 19, 2009, 15:45
  47. I would just like to see him will Le Mans….

    Posted by Christopher.uk | May 19, 2009, 18:12
  48. no it will be

    LMP1 Aston Martin
    LMP2 Porsche
    LMGT1 Aston Martin
    LMGT2 Aston Martin

    i hope at least the Astons have a good chance in LMP1 and GT1 but GT2 wont happen though it would be nice and Le Mans is a long race and a lot can happen!

    Posted by phillip pond | June 1, 2009, 15:55
  49. 4 Corvettes won’t break down in GT1, and that sole Aston doesn’t have the fastest lineup.

    I think the ACO want the best contributing manufacturers in GT to win.

    In GT1 Corvette has contributed the most to the sport in recent years. They have an ALMS title an LMS title and runner up in FIA.

    I GT2 Ferrari has ALMS, LMS and FIA titles.

    Meanwhile Porsche had focused all it efforts on the RS Spyder program and mainly in the US only.

    Aston Martin has completely stopped offering support for the DBR9. That’s why no team is running the car. Too bad it was a wonderful car.

    Jettalliance is probably using their second car for spares at LeMans. Unless they have a one off deal to have support at LeMans.

    Posted by bamba | June 1, 2009, 17:19
  50. In P2 the Porsches are not invincible. None of these customer RS Spyders have the Direct Injection motor Penske and Dyson had.

    So the turbo Lola Mazdas might get better fuel comsumption, and on the straight line their advantage isn’t that great.

    Team Goh has a pro lineup but they’ve only ran the car in tests, team Essex has one gentleman driver.

    All the P2 Lola coupes have improved since last year and the Quifel ASM team has a well prepared car as well.

    Posted by bamba | June 1, 2009, 17:29
  51. GT2-Ferrari may have last years titles, but the porsches have held their own in all 3 series so far

    Posted by Mike | June 2, 2009, 3:13
  52. It’s Pug’s year to win, but something tells me that Audi will win again. It’s not the car, necessarily… But this is the team that won last year with a 3 second/lap slower car. AND they have Dumas and Bernhardt. I’m pulling for Aston too, but I don’t see it.

    I hope P2 turns into a good battle

    Corvette Racing will win GT1. With AMR chasing bigger fish, only the privateers will give chase to the factory ‘vettes.

    My home team is Flying Lizard. Their owner is the only gentleman driver, and he’ll crash it early. I don’t like Mika Salo muh, for here’s for Drayson in the Vantage!

    Posted by Kiki | June 2, 2009, 13:32
  53. These are the teams I want to win Le Mans

    LMP1: Team Peugeot Total
    Pescarolo Sport (have to keep it French)
    Team Oreca Matmut AIM

    LMP2: It’s going to be a Porsche (but I would like to see OAK Racing win LMP2)

    LMGT1: Luc Alphand Aventures (please Corvette Racing)

    LMGT2: IMSA Performance Matmut 1-2 finish. (or at least another Porsche team)

    Posted by Christophé.fra | June 2, 2009, 17:02
  54. Christophe you’re a real french patriot.

    Corvette would love to let Alphand take the win. But Alphand only needs a good showing to impress sponsors.

    Meanwhile, for Corvette winning can give the whole company a much needed boost in the GM organization. It’s a sign that something is working well somewhere. Thy have a much bigger cause for winning. So they deserve a win more than anyone.

    Posted by bamba | June 2, 2009, 19:23
  55. haha merci!

    I would love to see Alphand team win Le Mans. But I dont understand why Alphand didnt add Guillaume Moreau to his Le Mans driver line-up. Guillaume is a very fast driver.

    He won the Le Mans Series champion in LMGT1 class in 2008 with Alphand team.

    Yes I here on the news about GM and there problems, I wish them the best. I thought they were going to cut there Corvette Racing team. Or pull the plug on there factory support.

    Posted by Christophé.fra | June 2, 2009, 20:34
  56. I to am supries at Guillaume Moreau decision not to drive for Luc Alphand Aventures. I would like to see the Flying Lizard team win GT2 after there problem last year, The #64 Corvette win GT1, The RML Lola to win LMP2 (but I think that the 2 Porsche’s will be to quick). I would dearly like to see AMR won overall but I think it will come to to a fight between the #1 Audi & the #8 Peugeot

    Posted by matthew | June 2, 2009, 21:02
  57. It is also Corvette’s last race in GT1. They will try their hardest to win.

    Posted by Kiki | June 2, 2009, 22:00
  58. Yes well maybe if GT1 is still around for 2010, that will be Luc Alphand Aventures time to win the Le Mans 24.

    Posted by Christophé.fra | June 2, 2009, 22:04
  59. If Aston Martin has a shot at winning than the P1 Pescarolo has to be mentioned as well. That car almost beat the Astons 2 races in a row.

    Posted by bamba | June 3, 2009, 3:42
  60. Yes you are right, but the Pescarolo 01 Judd is way more developed than the Lola-Aston Martin B09/60.

    But once Audi and Peugeot get on the mulsanne straight at Le Mans, say goodbye to the rest of the LMP1 class.

    I think one of the Lola-Aston’s will qualify in the top 5, maybe even the Pescarolo Sport Peugeot. Depends how much Team Peugeot Total share some infomation with Pescarolo Sport Peugeot.

    But I have a feeling that, it’s not going to be much.

    Posted by Christophé.fra | June 3, 2009, 6:08
  61. no no Aston have done further development on the DBR1-2 the pescas have been on thier tale in the lms but that was b4 Astons test and they have found more speed and will be on the top step 50 years after their last win go gulf amr!

    Posted by phillip pond | June 8, 2009, 15:50
  62. oh and to answer ur q both DBR9’s have factory support for le mans cos like drayson racing they are official partners of le mans

    Posted by phillip pond | June 8, 2009, 15:52

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