Drayson Racing to launch LMP1 programme at Petit Le Mans

2009 Drayson LMP1

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Paul, Lord Drayson and Elspeth, Lady Drayson proudly announce Drayson Racing’s move to the pinnacle of motorsports; the LMP1 division. Drayson Racing will debut its British built Judd V10-powered Lola B09/60 racing car – commonly known as the “Lola Coupe” – in the 12th Annual Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta, 22-26 September, 2009. The move signifies Drayson Racing’s serious motorsport intentions and focus on using the sport as a catalyst to advance environmental technologies.

Already boasting a strong overall operation allows Drayson Racing to continue with the same driver line-up and team management currently associated with the British-based team. Drivers Paul Drayson and two-time British GT Champion Jonny Cocker will be joined by two-time Le Mans Series GT2 Champion Rob Bell at the 1000 mile/10 hour, ALMS classic in September. Dale White continues his role as team manager with oversight of the effort. The full GT2 team structure moves into LMP1 as Drayson’s originally published “world tour” continues as announced in January.

The move to the most technologically advanced sports car racing in the world today comes as the team gains momentum and wishes to take the next step in the sport. The top prototype category will open the organisation to a far wider set of choices in developing new technologies under the international rules for LMP1 race cars. Long supporters of the environmental movement in motorsports – and with Paul and Jonny having won the first-ever national victory in the UK for a bio-ethanol fuelled car -Drayson Racing will use the P1 platform to develop and advance new technologies for improved efficiency and performance. The working partnerships with both Lola Cars and Engine Developments Ltd – the parent company of Judd – will provide additional avenues for the evolution and testing of these technologies.

The progression into the LMP1 class, often referred to simply as P1, will necessitate a number change for Drayson Racing. Long-associated with the 007 moniker in the United States and the 87 in Europe, the team will campaign the No. 88 in the remaining events this season. The car will be known as the No. 88 Drayson Racing Lola with Judd Power.

The Drayson entry signifies the first P1 class combination of Lola Coupe and Judd V10 to campaign in the American Le Mans Series. The chassis uses Lola’s decades of experience as Britain’s most successful racing chassis builder to provide an established, and quick, platform on which to compete. Judd’s GV5, 72-degree V10 is a proven performer and will run on second generation E10 racing fuel. The programme will continue its strong technical partner ties with Michelin Tyres and Motul Oil.

An initial shakedown run of the Lola-Judd will be held in the United Kingdom in the coming weeks. This test will act as a systems’ check prior to the car being shipped to the United States. Once stateside, the full Drayson Racing crew will develop the car further for its first showing at Road Atlanta. In addition to the Petit Le Mans premiere, the Drayson Racing prototype will take part in the American Le Mans Series finale at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca on 10 October and the Asian Le Mans Series events at Okayama, Japan, 31 October and 1 November.

Drayson Racing will continue to run the No. 87 Aston Martin Vantage GT2 in the two remaining European Le Mans Series events (23 August at Nürburgring and 13 September at Silverstone). The 1000km of Silverstone will bring to conclusion two years developing the Vantage for GT2 competition. To-date, the team enjoys a career-best finish of seventh accomplished at the 1000km of Spa Francorchamps earlier this season.

Today’s announcement came as part of the popular internet and iTunes radio programme “Midweek Motorsports” with host John Hindhaugh. Archives of the show can be found at www.radiolemans.com and iTunes.

Elspeth Drayson, Owner: “The opportunity to develop and showcase green technologies in motorsport is at the heart of Drayson Racing’s core mission. The LMP1 regulations allow the widest possible opportunities for us to do this.”

Paul Drayson, Driver/Owner: “LMP1 is the premier class of world sports car racing. These 600-700 horsepower racing cars are the ultimate in speed and technology. They can accelerate from 0-100 mph in three seconds and reach top speeds in excess of 200 mph. I’m really looking forward to the race next month. It is going to be a challenge- but an exhilarating one.”

Dale White, Team Manager: “The first time I spoke with Paul and Elspeth to discuss opportunities with Drayson Racing, the move to P1 was on the agenda. In recent months those conversations have accelerated from ‘the future’ to the ‘how soon can we do this?’ We did an exhaustive feasibility study to determine what class met our objectives and what platform would give us the most options to meet those goals. We came to the conclusion that not only did the Lola Coupe and the Judd V10 get us to that point but they did so in such a way that we could greatly reduce the timeline to get on track. I can’t describe the energy inside the team right now. We know we have a major task before us but everyone is pulling together and sees the common goal. What has been done in such a short period of time is impressive to see. We are indebted to all of the crew, Lola, Judd, Michelin, all of our partners and the ACO for making this happen so quickly.”

Robin Brundle, Managing Director, Lola Cars: “Lola are delighted to be working closely with the Drayson Racing family. The timelines to the first race are challenging but this situation is often when Lola performs at its best. The whole team at Lola has accepted the challenge and is working flat out to deliver another top LMP Coupe, which will be the 24th sold since the inception of the present LMP rules in 2005. The focus on Green Technologies in Motorsport continues to be of great interest to Lola and we look forward to supporting Drayson Racing in their quest to use energy more efficiently and to continue in ensuring that Lola are the LMP market leaders.”

Stan Hall, General Manager, Engine Developments Ltd: “Engine Developments is delighted to be working with Drayson Racing. We have been impressed by the professionalism and ambition of the team in its previous racing activities and we will endeavour to meet their high expectations in this new venture into prototype racing. Our GV V10 engine has for a number of years been a benchmark in LMP1 and the combination of this with Lola’s excellent B09/06 chassis will give the opportunity for success at the highest level.”

Scott Atherton, President and CEO, American Le Mans Series: “Paul Drayson has brought a total package to the American Le Mans Series paddock that is unparalleled since the inception of the Series. In addition to his passion and dedication for racing, he brings a background in science, technology and community and government activism that provides a unique global understanding of the issues facing today’s automotive, transportation and motorsports industries. We are delighted he will return to the ALMS with the new Lola Judd prototype for Petit Le Mans powered by Mazda6 – one of the world’s great endurance races – as well as our season finale, the Monterey Sports Car Championships.”

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  1. Indeed, Lord Drayson has some major cash reserves somewhere. He gets michelin tires and Rahal Letterman can’t even get them. That’s a healthy racing budget and some serious clout.

    They had a DBRS9 in GT3 and 2 Vantage GT2’s (one was setup for endurance and different aero (lemans, petit, sebring) and the other was for shorter distances. And now they have a Lola coupe. a whole stable of machines.

    I would have expected them to go with Aston Martin as their engine supplier. But Dale white probably looked at the performance of the Judd in the hands of the pescarolo team vs Prodrive and figured the higher cost for the Aston engines wouldn’t be justified.

    They got Rob Bell…nice.

    Acura can be locked out of the podium at petit. They should give the Fernandez team a P1 ARX to increase the chances of getting a podium. After all the ALMS is their roaming ground. They have to defend it.

  2. I want to be rich…

    We never know, in a few years or so. They may switch to an Aston engine. They have to money. This may be just a year or two program. Just to get use to the LMP1 car, and get a feel for it.

    Jonny Cocker is so lucky lol

  3. Fernandez/Diaz needs to be on a P1 !!!, right now they are doing great and showing that they have what it takes.

    Hey, the Mazdas are faster than the Acura P2 and even with that Fernandez/Diaz are winning.

  4. Wow,really impressive! I guess Lord Drayson is gonna need a crashcourse driving a high downforce,huge G-force producing Le Mans prototype…
    It’s been done before by Peter van Merksteijn..allthough he had the tutoring of the likes of Jos Verstappen and Jeroen Bleekemolen…
    Wish ‘m the best.

  5. Lord Drayson has been testing the Prodrive P1 cars so probably won’t need that much learning.

    The Drayson cars don’t even have any outside title sponsors (aside from the obvious suppliers). It’s all out of pocket cash. $$$

  6. More good news for sports proptotype racing, inc the Petit and and Laguna LMS finales. Equally good news that the GT2 Vantage will be at Nurburgring and Silverstone.

    Best of luck in LMP1 and well done for maintaining the GT2 commitment this year. It matters to the fans.

    Anybody know if, and on what channel Petit may be shown live in the UK please ?

  7. Yea the petit this year should be great any word if the mundill pesca will race or the rocketsports jags ?

  8. Its a shame that the Gt2 Aston hasnt done better, Drayson is a bit frustrated. I guess with the massive LMP1 project Aston Martin have not been able to support both programmes. Hope someone else gets hold of the GT2 Vantage programme sounded glorious at Le Mans!!

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