Le Mans Intercontinental Cup – GT2 added!

In its earlier announcement back in December 2009 the Automobile Club de l’Ouest said that the Cup would be open for LMP1 teams, but today it was announced that there will also be a LM GT2 manufacturers title.

The Cup will also have a Teams Cup for all categories (LMP1, LMP2, GT1 and GT2) but only if at least four cars are entered for that category.
If this criteria is met there will be a Teams Cup, the winner of each category will be awarded with an automatic entry for the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2011.

Opening date for entries for the 2010 Le Mans Intercontinental Cup is March 30th and the deadline is May 31st.

Vincent Beaumesnil insisted that the decision to include the GT2 cars in the Intercontinental Cup didn’t have anything to do with the SRO and FIA ditching the FIA GT2 European Championship. “There is no direct link between the FIA decision and our decision. Our decision was made as the demand from the manufacturers was high and it was a logical decision to take.”

Scott Atherton (CEO of ALMS) was very happy and hoped that some of his teams would join: “I completely support the decision to add the GT2 manufacturers title. The manufacturers are competing in this category because it is without question the most relevant. It is the textbook example of racing what they sell.”

“When you look at the markets that are being impacted by this incremental global series, it is exactly where they want to focus their marketing efforts on selling these products. I applaud the ACO for responding to the feedback that they received from manufacturers and I believe that this will be well received across the border.”

On a question if the addition if the GT2 manufacturers title would not be a direct clash with SRO’s GT World Championship Beaumesnil was also clear. “GT1 will have sprint races and cars built for that, GT2 will be endurance races. Our preference and priority are 1000 KM races.”

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