Aurora Racing working on BMW Alpina B6 GT1

BMW Alpina B6 GT1 - Aurora Racing

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Following a design and development programme supporting ALPINA in their successful return to racing with the BMW-ALPINA B6 GT3 car, AURORA RACING DESIGNS are now developing the BMW ALPINA B6 platform for customer teams wishing to race in GT1.

The project is being undertaken solely by AURORA RACING DESIGNS to allow ALPINA to continue its GT3 customer programme without interruption. ALPINA’s Andreas Bovensiepen has expressed great delight that AURORA is to take the B6 to the GT1 world stage.

“Whilst this is a private project ALPINA have given us their full support and will be supplying carryover parts from the GT3 programme. We are very excited to be embarking on what we believe was always the logical step for the B6”, said Nicholas Galbraith, a Director of AURORA RACING DESIGNS.

Further information and prospective customer teams should contact


Nicholas Galbraith formed AURORA RACING DESIGNS in 2004 after leaving Mclaren Racing to provide an aerodynamic design consultancy to motorsport and automotive manufacturers. In 2010, former ALPINA Chief Motorsport Designer, Andreas Puschel, joined Aurora Racing Designs as a partner to complement the existing aerodynamic expertise with a background in structural and suspension design. Andreas will be responsible for the newly formed Structural Design Department at AURORA.

12 Comments on Aurora Racing working on BMW Alpina B6 GT1

  1. Not a fan of the GT3 6 Series, they just look too heavy for the super-low and sexy sportscars they race against. But its good to get new blood into that championship, the fact that they race eight cars that are out of production is a pretty sad state of affairs for the series.

    Also, I’d just like to say that I’m sticking to my guns that the GT1’s should not have been let into Le Mans 2010. I’d rather to have seen 8 more GT2’s or LMP’s!!

  2. The FIA being the bigger motorsport body, the ACO really didn’t want to upset them by refusing FIA spec GT1 cars at LeMans.

    And yes it’s true the 6 series look big and heavy along other GT cars. They’re pretty much a 5 series “coupe”. Sedan body DNA.

  3. William Mound: Exactly. My vision is LMP1 as a pinnacle but a little bit cheaper than today, LMP2 as a cheap, light racing category for privateers and GT(2) class as the most diverse and competitive – there are so many brands which could enter this race! Then we can easily have about 20 cars in each class.

  4. ‘Aurora Racing working on BMW Alpina B6 GT1’. But for which racing series?
    The FIA series is blocked from new entries en will probably only allow official factory backed big name developements once one of the current constructors creates a vacant spot.

    The ACO has just stated that there will not be a GT1 catagory in 2011 so i don’t think that we will ever see a GT1 Alpina B6 anywhere than the virtual world…

  5. GT racing in this years Nürburgring 24h was a revelation! With the organisation being able to (near) perfectly leveling out the performances between the different GT2 and GT3 cars via weight, restrictors, fueltank sizes etc.

  6. Is Ratelle looking for more entries? Does the 6 series really fit the “type” of cars he wants for the Championship?

    Like Ramshoek, I just don’t see where this car is going to compete.

  7. If they can find customers it will compete in the FIA GT1 series, the Japanese Super GT series or one of the other GT series around the world. Do you think people only race cars in europe & the us? As for the ACO’s statement, that is only for le mans

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