LMP Motorsport joins GT3 Europe with two Astons

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The LMP Motorsport team is not among the best known in the field for a very simple reason: it was set up at the start of 2010 by two young entrepreneurs who are passionate lovers of motor sport – Yves Migeon and Guillaume Lecluse. However, it is backed by the experience of the Lompech Motor Sport team whose know-how is well respected in the world of circuit racing. To this package should be added the sheer glamour of the two Aston Martin DBRS9s, the sound of whose melodious V12 engines will thrill spectators at the circuits hosting rounds of the French and European Grand Touring Championships this year.

Origins: The launch of LMP Motorsport is a story of friendship, which goes back to the childhood of its two founders. Since then, Guillaume Lecluse (25) and Yves Migeon (29) have followed very different paths which, when the moment was right, enabled them to bring the right contribution to the whole. Since his adolescence Guillaume, the engineer, has spent most of his time in the paddock with Jean-Claude Lompech’s team. Yves studied finance and manageme,t and obtained an MBA before becoming the vice-president of the MPI Group which includes brands like the famous Parisian engraver, Cassegrain, and Marie Papier. Passion, though, has always been the driving force.

Organization: The different roles are clearly defined in the team. Guillaume looks after the technical side with the help of ‘Coco’ Lompech and his troops, while the financial aspect, management, driver relations, partners and the British from Aston Martin Racing are Yves’ domain. Although LMP Motorsport’s headquarters are in Saint-Etienne, the workshops are in Ramdan, a small village in the Puy de Dôme, between Clermont-Ferrand and Vichy.

The car: “It’s the most beautiful of them all and its engine is fantastic,” says Migeon. “We’ll be Aston Martin Racing’s only representative in France and in the European Championship. It will be a stirring challenge for us. Guillaume chips in, “In our learning season with the DBRS9 in 2010, we were just ordinary Aston Martin Racing clients: now we’re considered as a partner team. The car’s undergone a lot of development this winter with the arrival of ABS, a new aerodynamic kit and several other improvements. It’s going to be quicker and easier to drive.”

The 2011 programme: “LMP Motorsport is entering its two cars in the French FFSA GT and the European FIA GT3 Championships. The national series has been completely rethought to give more spice to the meetings, attract even more spectators and boost the broadcasting of the events on the Internet. The international aspect is not lacking in appeal either highlighted by an event on the Russian Smolenskring circuit. The first officially nominated driver line-up consists of Frédéric Gabillon and Paul Lamic who will tackle the French Championship. In addition to being very quick, they have the advantage of knowing each other well as they drove together last year in another team. Four more drivers are currently finalizing their 2011 contracts with LMP Motorsport, so there are still two more seats available. Major test sessions are scheduled at the beginning of April on the Portimao, Paul Ricard HTTT and Navarro circuits followed by the start of the French season at Lédenon on 8th-9th April.

The early-season buzz: The livery of the LMP Motorsport Aston Martin DBRS9s will be – how can one put it – unique. Watch this space!

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