Planetlemans Sportscar and GT Racing calendars at Flogs

Since you know Planetlemans, you have probably seen and used our calendar facility. You will also have noticed there was no 2011 calendar on our site yet. Today we have re-introduced the calendar, but not in the way you are used to.

Now what do we have for you? Perhaps you have already heard about Flogs. Flogs is a company that hosts shared calendars. And that is exactly what was of great use for Planetlemans. We started in 2010, trying out the added value of Flogs for our readers and ourselves. Now, in 2011, we created a calendar named “Sportscar and GT Racing events 2011” for you. This calendar will be updated by our team very frequently, and contains all series Planetlemans covers.

What is the great advantage of Flogs instead of the usual (static) calendars you could find on our website? Well, you can not only watch or print them, but now you can also add them to your own calendar application. Think of applications like Outlook and Google Calendar, but also devices like the iPhone and the Blackberry. And that’s not it! Since this is a dynamic link, changes in the Planetlemans-managed calendar will automatically show up in your application. Isn’t that cool?

Please take a look at the calendar here, try to import it (or parts of it) into your own application and let us know what you think. We welcome your suggestions!

7 Comments on Planetlemans Sportscar and GT Racing calendars at Flogs

  1. It’s cool, but I think it’d be better if you kept the calendar the same as it was, so we could see the entry list for the event, and all that jazz.

  2. I’d prefer it if the series calendars were available separately. I only want to add the ILMC/LMS/ALMS events to my calendar, but there are loads of GT events too…

  3. This way the calendar is easier to maintain, but ofcourse we will take your suggestion seriously. It could be an idea to include the link to the corresponding entry lists with the calendar items. Thanks!

  4. My day job blocks file sharing sites so I will not be able to read the calendar from my work. They also block car and racing sites but Plantlemans is one of the few which makes it pass the filters and is not blocked.

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