1000 KM of Spa: Crashes halt second practice

The second free practice session at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit was cut short this afternoon by two red flags. The first red flag was shown after Jean-Christophe Boullion crashed his Lola B10/60 Coupé Toyota in the Raidillon and shortly after the green flag had been shown the nº9 Peugeot 908 of Pedro Lamy and the nº36 HPD ARX-01d of Mike Newton crashed heavily in the ‘Pif Paf’.

It was clear that an accident was bound to happen as there were at least four yellow flag situations in the first fifteen minutes of the messy session. Allan McNish was quickest after fifteen minutes with his team mate Andre Lotterer just behind him. Shortly afterwards Lotterer improved and posted a 2:03.124 to take first, while teammate Timo Bernhard put his Audi R18 TDI into third place.

But then the Rebellion Racing Lola went off at the Raidillon, causing a red flag. Boullion was unharmed and after the damaged car was removed from the track the session was restarted at 17:32. Minutes after it was restarted the Peugeot and RML HPD came together and slammed into the wall at high speed. The red flag was shown again and it was decided that the session would not be restarted.

Rescue teams scrambled to the accident and started to work on the drivers and the cars. Pedro Lamy was uninjured and returned to his team quickly afterwards. Mike Newton was removed from the car and brought to the medical centre at the circuit for checks. He was then transferred to hospital in Verviers, but there were no worries for his health either.

Rebellion Racing and Peugeot Sport Total will now work on their cars to get them ready in time for practice tomorrow morning. RML will not return to the track this weekend, their car beyond immediate repair.

© Planetlemans – Marcel ten Caat

© Planetlemans – Marcel ten Caat

© Planetlemans – Marcel ten Caat

6 Comments on 1000 KM of Spa: Crashes halt second practice

  1. Such a pity I won’t see the RML car 2mrrw! I do wonder what caused such a accident and who is to blame

  2. The acura chassis has seen worst crashes. It can be fixed if they have the part.

    As for Rebellion, I think Jean christophe bouillon should be getting the axe at the end of the season…he has had too many crashes last year. And now this.

  3. At Bamba

    Yeah I rember Scott Sharp’s Crash at Road Atlanta in 09. Completly distroyed the car and they had it on track the next day. I just Can’t rember if that was the P1 or P2 Car

  4. For Scott Sharp that was the P1 car and that was a writeoff.

    But in 2008 Franck Montagny had a nasty run in with intersport during petit lemans (they could have won they were leading penske after double stinting tires), and it was repaired. And there are other numerous offs for the acura. 2007 petit lemans andretti green and fernandez racing, 2008 road america, andretti green and fernandez again. Those were all very bad crashes.

    Rebellion has fixed their car, and it’s posting good times already.

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