REBELLION Racing Confirms FIA WEC Entry

The REBELLION Racing 2012 programme will centre around running two Lola-Toyota LMP1 cars in the FIA World Endurance Championship, which includes the prestigious 24 Heures du Mans.

REBELLION Racing will be looking to re-confirm its status as the best privateer sportscar team at the highest level of endurance racing.
In 2011, the Swiss team won the Le Mans Series LMP1 Team Championship and the Le Mans Series Manufacturers Championship for Lola and Toyota. In the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup, REBELLION Racing ended the season in third place in the Teams classification as the best private team behind Peugeot’s and Audi’s factory teams. REBELLION Racing’s other main achievement of the 2011 season was the 6th place overall finish at Le Mans 24 Hours; recording the highest placed finish for a petrol LMP.

REBELLION Racing will remain the exclusive partner of Toyota Motorsport GmbH for the petrol V8 3.4 litre RV8KLM engine programme. In 2012, TMG will supply REBELLION Racing an upgraded version of the RV8KLM engine on an exclusive basis for the second year in a row.
REBELLION Racing has selected four drivers that will share driving duties in the 2012 FIA World Endurance Championship. The team have renewed the contracts of three of its regular 2011 drivers; Andrea Belicchi, Neel Jani and Nicolas Prost.

REBELLION Racing is pleased to announce that former Aston Martin Racing LMP1 works driver Harold Primat will also be joining the team. Harold Primat, was an Aston Martin Racing LMP1 official works driver from 2009 to 2011; winning the 6 Hours of Laguna Seca in 2011 and the 500 km of Okayama in 2009 on top of many other podiums finishes in both the Le Mans Series and American Le Mans Series and a 6th place overall finish at Le Mans 24 Hours in 2010.

Bart Hayden, REBELLION Racing Team manager; “We have another strong driver line-up for this year. Complementing our existing driver line-up, I am pleased to welcome Harold on- board, he will bring a great deal of experience to the team.”

More details on 2012 team’s Lola LMP1 cars and team’s full driver line-up for the 24 Hours of Le Mans will be unveiled at a later date.

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  1. Brilliant news, glad to see that they found the budget for two cars. Not so sure on them signing Premat because although he brings cash, I can’t help thinking Minassian or Davidson would have been better picks.

    I’ll be cheering for this team for the WEC, they’re true privateers and have the prettiest cars in all of sportscar racing. I love their front aero package and I suspect the fin will be least damaging on that gorgeous Lola shape!!

  2. So as far as I can tell, the LMP1 WEC entry list looks like this:

    Audi R18 Hybrid
    Audi R18 Hybrid
    Rebellion Lola Toyota
    Rebellion Lola Toyota
    Strakka HPD
    Pescarolo Judd
    Toyota Hybrid (Partial season)

    I don’t know about Oak Racing, Hope Racing or any other entries.

  3. I cant see Hope backing out now, and I’d say OAK is pretty much confirmed. Plus the possibility of Pescarolo, and the Zytek.

  4. Unsure how they found funding for TWO cars, yet Peugeot can’t find funding for their team at all (and they’re the best in the world…)

  5. Its not the results, its the fact that they can’t be seen laying off hundreds of workers for lack of income and then funding a multi-million euro racing effort. I doubt its really about the money so much as trying so be political and and show that it is economizing.

  6. Also, does anyone know why Boullion isn’t in the team anymore? I know he was accident prone but in the Pescarolo he was dynamite and he was probably the most professional drivers in the team. I’d hate to think it was a budget issue.

    I was also hoping that Bleekamolen would have earned a permanent seat.

  7. I suspect Jeroen Bleekemolen wasn’t retained due to him getting the second seat along side Tim Pappas in Black Swan’s new LMP2 car.

  8. @William Mound:
    OAK confirmed today that Dominik Kraihamer will be in their lineup for LMP1, so there will be at least one OAK in LMP1, probably Kraihamer/Prémat/Pla, which is a very good lineup.
    I think it was not a budget issue to replace Boullion, but as you said he took too many risks last year, and I guess he has also a different deal for 2012, which is only not confirmed yet. Wait for the entry list…
    @ Michael Almaguer:
    Jeroen Bleekemolen was with Rebellion only for the 24h LeMans last year, as he has not only the ALMS job with Black Swan, but also several other jobs – he’s usually doing around 35 races a year…. And so no choice for a permanent LMP1 cockpit.

  9. Bouillon took them out of lemans the past 2 years. And he has had several other crashes. In 2010 at lemans he had a violent crash while under a full course yellow.

    Maybe Pescarolo might take him up since he knows the car very well. Unless the decide to go with ex-works cars from peugeot.

  10. @kw I know he has other rides elsewhere alongside his ALMS drive, but with some clashes in the WEC and ALMS this could also have had something to do with him not coming back.

  11. @Michael Almaguer:
    Rebellion has confirmed yesterday that for the WEC races where a third driver is needed (Sebring, Spa, LeMans) Nick Heidfeld will join the team, I guess that’s an even better choice than Bleekemolen!

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