6 Comments on 24 Hours of Le Mans – Entry List

  1. Nissan is making a killing on those P2 engines. Business must be booming for Oreca as well with the sale of P2 chassis.

    There’s only 2 Acura P2’s. But from the last 2 ALMS races when level 5 got the reworked engine and chassis from Wyrth it was clear that the Acura is back in the game.

    And for 2012 Wyrth research has even reworked that P2 chassis even more. The reworked chassis in 2011 dominated petit lemans. And now there’s even an even better chassis.

    And those acuras cost just the same as the Oreca-nissans

    I don’t know if all the Nissan engined teams placed their orders before watching the final 2 ALMS races, but there will be quite a few upset team managers if the Acuras finish 1 and 2 at la sarthe.

    From the Sebring winter test Soheil Ayari driving the Oreca-Nissan, in all his greatness couldn’t do anything against Luiz Diaz and Christophe Bouchut in the Hondas.

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