Blancpain Endurance Series – Full Season Entries

Two months before the season kicks off in Monza the Blancpain Endurance Series seems to become the best GT racing category in Europe.

Time to run down the list of potential full season entries for the Blancpain Endurance Series. This list continues to be a work in progress and doesn’t list teams that have already stated they will only do selected rounds (like the Spa 24 Hours).

This is not an official list – entries will be added as they are announced!

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  1. i think they said full italian GT and select Blancpain, so presumably Monza, Spa and maybe another.

    I’m still very sceptical about Trackspeed after their three car announcement for BGT.

  2. Isn’t this the World GT Championship in all but name? Hopefully the Mclaren teams can forge strong individual identities like the Gulf, West, Harrods, Lark etc. teams managed back in the day, don’t all turn up with orange liveries!

  3. @Marcel: Is the HARIBO Racing Team entry from Manthey Racing?, considering they aren’t allowed to run at the Nurburgring 24 this year by Porsche?

  4. Great to see the WRT back to defend its two championship titles, but quite strange to not see Greg Franchi here a reglular to the team the last two years.

    Other surprise, no Autorlando Sport Porsche while they clearly said they will return to Blancpain Endurance Series.

  5. @Michael: Yes, the HARIBO Racing Team is backed by the Manthey Racing guys. I think we won’t see the famous Green & Yellow colors on any Porsche this year. Not even at the Nurburgring.

  6. Why is Ratel still trying to keep up the GT1 world championship when he has this fantastic endurance series?

  7. @ Jag and kw, Ratel is promotor of about 15 series… Please, don’t mix them. Btw, why throwing away one of his series????

  8. Ah, that’s too bad just when I thought we’d see Manthey race somewhere. It’s a shame the balancing of performance is negatively affecting Porsche’s programs at the Nurburgring.

  9. @HD, FIA GT1 appears to be one series too far with a format that doesn’t appeal to teams. Blancpain is potentially the future of endurance GT racing and could expand with occasional overseas rounds in China and NA, FIA GT3 can remain in Europe and shake-up up it’s race formats, i.e they could run a sprint race if they had a slot at a prestige street circuit like Norisring.

  10. I’d love to see more street races in endurance racing. I’d love to see Bucharest back, or even a trip to Macau would be very exciting and would help promoters. Obviously thats a long-shot.

    Above all, I hope San Luis remains a circuit we visit, what a fantastic place for an overseas six hour event!!

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