FIA WEC/ALMS – Sebring 12 Hours – Entry List

The 60th Annual Mobil 1 12 Hours of Sebring Fueled by Fresh from Florida Entry List

Currently showing all FIA WEC entries – ALMS entries to be added later when line-ups and car numbers are known.

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  1. Be interesting to see the respective performance of the P1 Lola and HPD teams, is Lola’s chassis as good as HPD’s, is the Mazda engine a match for the HPD and Toyota motors?

  2. A team which is not on the entry list for Sebring but which will participate starting at Long Beach is Alex Job Racing – they have announced that they have now a partnership with Lotus, bringing up an Evora for the GT class with drivers Townsend Bell and Bill Sweedler.
    By the way – does anyone know what has happened to the Jaguar project of Rocketsports/Gentilozzi?

  3. RSR has apparently folded, in addition to West Racing. A real shame since Paul/RSR were very competitive in the twilight years of Trans-am with a Jaguar. Had hoped for good things for them, but they were sadly never really on pace.

  4. If the ACO gives the Mazda engine the same boost that Intersport ran in 2009/10 then the little Turbo should positively zing. But that is one HUGE ‘if’.

  5. Yes the ALMS cars will participate in Sebring. Expect 60 total entries, with all 64 slots available being very likely filled. (At least on the entry list.)

    Dave, the Dyson engine package has gone through some development over the off-season, they’ve just finalized it at the beginning of the month. It is the same engine but the “packaging is a bit different.” I fully anticipate they are competitive, at least with the HPDs and Toyotas.

  6. I hope something slows down the Audis, because the battle between the other WEC LMP1s, as well as the ALMS LMP1s looks like it will be very close.

  7. My pick is the Bernhard and Dumas pairing to win If they have no 3rd driver. Together they’re almost unstoppable. But their car could be the hybrid, since they have experience with the GT3 Hybrid. So it could be a long shot.

    But the HPD will be much closer to the pace of the diesels this year. Muscle Milk has the best lineup out of the HPD teams, so if they’re mechanically reliable and have no on track incidents I think they can challenge.

    Many P2 teams have ponied up for the Oreca-Nissan combo, but they probably found out too late that ever since Nick Wyrth stopped dabbling in F1 he has been polishing the HPD machines. Laguna Seca and Petit Lemans clearly showed that last year. There will be quite a few disappointed teams if the P2 HPD’s claim all the hardware come season’s end.

  8. @Bamba:
    Bernhard and Dumas will not be in the Hybrid Audi, both at Sebring and at Le Mans, because they are Porsche works drivers who will most likely go back to Porsche when they start their LMP1 Hybrid program. Thus, Audi has placed them on the conventional Diesel this year and not on a full season WEC entry. I suppose all 3 Audi entries for Sebring will be conventional – the Hybrid will not be ready before Spa.
    I also think the HPD will be close to the Audis at Sebring – you can just take a look at the Highcroft performance last year and the fact that the HPD has been improved significantly since then.

  9. @Fernando Martins:
    They are not on this list, because they don’t have a full season WEC entry. But they have entries at ALMS and Le Mans, and they were at the Sebring winter tests with a new HPD LMP2.

  10. Adrian Fernandez in the GTE Aston Martin!!

    He used to want to win the 24hr overall. Now that HPD has a car that can be competitive at lemans he’s in a GT car.

  11. If Timo and Romain have a regular diesel engine then they could be the favorites. That could be the reason Dr Ulrich did that, since those 2 have always being a dynamic pair.

  12. There is now way that can be the entire entry list for Sebring. I hope there will be the 2012 spec. BMW M3 GTE-Pro race car. Earlier in the year, they announced an improved car for thr entire 2012 ALMS season with two factory cars. Lets hope BMW will dominate Sebring with a 1-2 pole in qualifing and finish at Sebring and 2012 ALMS season.

    Another topic, how do you think Audi will do compared to last years laptimes and the new Honda LMP1 race car with David Brabham with a 7% power reduction for diesel race cars. I don’t know if that 7% power reduction is for Le Mans 2012 or for all races in 2012. Hmmmmm??? Maybe this will allow them to have better fuel economy and possible outlast the rest of the LMP1 and LMP2 field in fuel consumption. I hope Audi wins and qualifies 1-2-3 and totally dominates the race all year.

    How weAll do you think the Delta LMP1 will do at Sebring…?

    All in all, Go Audi and go BMW!!! :-)

  13. @K.Hayes:
    As mentioned, these are only the entries competing for WEC, thus about half of the whole entry list. The other half comes from the ALMS 2012 entries, including the two Rahal/Letterman BMW’s.

  14. Thanks ‘kw’, I understand now!
    Do you think Audi will push put tha same power orat least find ways to beat 2011 Sebring lap times from ther R15 in 2012 even with a 7% power loss, i think 7% power loss isway toooooooo aggressive! Well, maybe that7% loss will result in outlasting the LMP1 field in fuel consumption bay at least a lap or 2! We shall see!

  15. @K.Hayes:
    I don’t think the 7% will be the effective power reduction in the end. With a good electronical engine management, Audi will be able to compensate part of the restrictor rules. And the R18 is aerodynamically much more effective than the R15, thus I expect about the same lap times as in 2011.
    Yes, it seems that Adrian Fernandez is really a victim of the desastrous Aston Martin LMP1 project last year. Obviously he didn’t find a way out of the Aston Martin contract to join a different LMP1 project. Same for Stefan Muecke – in an Audi, he would probably be one of the top pilots.

  16. Are Audi actually going to use Hybrids this early on? I didn’t think they were intending on using them until Spa. They have nothing to prove by running them at Sebring, and it would look better beating the Toyotas on the R18HY’s first race, without having the advantage of an extra race under its belt.

  17. This is the “other Dan” answering a few questions:
    Level 5 are on the list with 2 cars.
    RSR has 1 LMPC for the full season with Bruno and Tomy Drissi

  18. Thankyou for printing this starting list. It seems that most racing media deliberately avoided printing anything about the competition between the cars of the WEC and ALMS. We so rarely get a chance to analyze the difference. I am certain the respective teams had such an interest. Thanks.

    Jack Reynolds

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