FIA WEC/ALMS – Sebring 12 Hours – Entry List

After the FIA World Endurance Championship announced its list with the 30 entries for the 60th Annual Mobil 1 12 Hours of Sebring Fueled by Fresh from Florida earlier this week IMSA today announced the provisional list of American Le Mans Series entries that will join in.

Risi Competizione will not be racing at Sebring, whilst the Black Swan Racing LMP2 entry is also nowhere to be found yet.

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  1. Agree about the confusion with the zero-prefix numbers.
    This occurs only in American racing series.
    Especially for series with different classes, there should be a clear numbering scheme for the classes, e.g. numbers 1 to 29 for LMP1 class, 30 to 49 for LMP2, 50 to 79 for GT, and so on. The WEC entries are “in order”, but all the American racing series keep confusing people with senseless numbers. Instead of putting the numbers “95” and “055” on the two Level5 cars, you could just leave them without numbers, that would give the same effect for the spectators’ spotter’s guide. Seems to be the same habit as sticking to miles and gallons instead of proper internationally agreed units.

  2. I count around 60 cars….holy cow!!! This’ll be good to watch…oh yeah…shame I can’t watch it in Australia :(

  3. Whoa! Steven Kane in the lead and only Dyson car. That’s quite a lineup now.

    Chris Dyson and Guy Smith never had a 3rd driver except for last year with Jay Cochran, but he was paying. So for them to get Kane they must have really been impressed with him from last year.

    Hopefully the engine can keep up with their ambitions (fast drivers and brand new chassis and all).

  4. Everyone can access the race videos on the ALMS website.

    And that includes US residents. So we have 3 options: live on ESPN3, the rerun on TV or the archived videos on the ALMS site.

    I watched the whole season again, and all the highlight videos during the winter months.

    So Buj just wait till after the race (maybe the next day) and it will be on the ALMS website. You can even watch last year’s Sebring race there as well.

  5. You can watch live on the ALMS website outside the US. I watched all the races last year live on the ALMS website here in Korea, with no buffering and basically HD-quality. In fact, watching it online linked thru my laptop to my 55″ HDTV was a better quality than watching the races on Speed TV thru DirecTV was! Never thought I’d said this, but I actually prefer watching it live online than thru satellite TV, better quality & fewer probs!! And watching online thru sites like ALMS, MotorsTV, etc, I can watch live flag-to-flag coverage of Le Mans, Sebring, Petit Le Mans, 24 Hours of Daytona, etc…perfect!!

  6. Well, as a racer myself, numbers are very important to drivers and teams, so they want to keep numbers. numbers shouldnt be done through classes, they should be chosen, and in my opinion (just my opinion, not saying everyone else is wrong) the “0” prefix is perfectly fine. its only for one race, anyway.

  7. for many teams, numbers are iconic and they deserve to keep them. 55 and 95 are level 5’s numbers, 66 is TRG’s number, 3 and 4 are Corvette’s numbers, 16 is Dyson’s number. the “0” really isnt confusing at all.

  8. 16 is also Pescarolo’s number.

    So since they will be the newcomers at LeMans, Dyson gets whole new numbers there; 18 and 19, while Pescarolo gets to keep the 16 (and 17).

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