Risi Competizione elect not to enter 2012 Sebring 12 Hours

Risi Competizione has elected not to enter the 60th Anniversary Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring, the first round of the 2012 American Le Mans Series.

Team Principal, Giuseppe Risi, spoke of the difficult decision: “Unfortunately the current economic climate has not allowed us to approach the 2012 season as we would have wished. None of us want to go into an event such as Sebring feeling less than 100% ready and prepared, and we aren’t at that point.

“Risi Competizione, racing with Ferrari, has been a stalwart of the Series for the last decade and we fully recognize the extremely high level of competition it supports. To race a Ferrari is to enter into a partnership with history and legend. The standards are so high that commitment must be total and complete. Risi Competizione knows better than many what it takes to win the 12 Hours of Sebring, and I feel that, right now, we wouldn’t be representative of our best.”

The Houston-based Ferrari GT team has not confirmed a program for the remainder of 2012 and options are still being considered. These do not preclude entry to later rounds of the American Le Mans Series or other North American endurance races.

To date, the team has won two ALMS championships, taken three class victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, achieved 20 outright American Le Mans Series class wins and a 30 plus further podium finishes. It has won the Twelve Hours of Sebring three times including the closest finish in the race’s history in 2007.

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  1. Sad to hear that such a very traditional team has to quit.
    Obviously there is no more Ferrari works support for any GT team except AF Corse.

  2. Not having Risi in the ALMS will be a big loss for the series, to not have that beautiful red 458 out there will make watching much less fun. The other 458 team isnt competitve enough to take the fight to the BMW’s and seeing that a Ferrari is not up towards the top fighting for the win is tough thing to watch…ALMS may have just lost a viewer…

  3. Ferrari has not won LeMans since 1965 [NART] OR FINISHED IN TOP FIVE AND WIN CLASS SINCE 1981. [TIDE ch.pozzi ferrari France 512bblm #31589 owned / raced by tom davis 1980-1986] Jay Cochran was last ferrari DRIVER to win A race in IMSA.[?]

  4. Ferrari did win class in 1998 in open sports prototype with the great 333sp, also won Sebring 3 times with it. Also the 550 GT won in class against the corvettes in 2003.

  5. @ TIDE ferrari racing,Palm Beach…your writing takes some effort to read. What do all the abbreviations mean?

    You seem like a ferrari connoisseur, but the last overall win by ferrari at sebring was in 1998 in the IMSA GT championship. Gianpiero Moretti was in that lineup.

    The last american to win in a ferrari was Andy Evans in 1997 when he was team owner and driver for Scandia motorsports.

  6. Bamba, READING is an LOST art. TIDE ferrai racing is the LAST ferrari TEAM TO WIN CLASS & finish IN top 5 at LeMans. TIDE ch.pozzi ferrari France; 5th.o.a. IMSA class winner. TIDE owned/raced ferrari 512 BBLM # 31589 sept.1980-1987. -the LAST FERRARI TEAM to WIN LeMans OVER ALL; [NART,1965.] -t.i.davis enterprises. [T.I.D.E.] P.S. LeMANS IS THE BIGGEST RACE IN THE WORLD SINCE 1927. TIDE will race at Sebring,Daytona & LeMans in 2014. Vintages races till then.[TR &,308GTB} google tide ferrari racing palm beach for updates.

  7. TIDE ferrari racing,tom davis,palm beach
    It appears posting comments has gone down hill lately aswell!

    I can barely make any sence of your writing. Anyway, Ferrari’s last class win at Le Mans was Risi winning GT2 in 2009. Risi also won the LMP1 class in 1998 with a 333SP, outright fininsh was 8th. Ferrari’s last class win and top 5 finish was in 1981, by a French team owned by Charles Pozzi. Ferrari’s last outright win at Le Mans was NART with a 250LM in 1965. Bamba is corect in what he says about Sebring.

    However, the last Ferrari to win an IMSA race outright was Risi racing at the 1998 Petit Le Mans, driven by Eric van de Poele, Wayne Taylor and Emmanuel Collard. They were however running in an ACO class. The last win for Freerai before that in IMSA in an IMSA class was the 1998 round at Las Vegas, again it was Risi, driven by Eric van de Poele and Wayne Taylor.

  8. SCHELLZ / smuck! TIDE ferrari is the LAST FERRARI to win class & FINISH in TOP FIVE @ LeMans. 81 LeMans 5th.O.A. IMSA CLASS WINNER ! My 40TH. YEAR OF OWNING AND RACING HISTORIC FERRARIS. google tom davis tide ferrari racing or tom davis tide hydroplane racing..

  9. Ferrari has NOT WON class & finish in TOP FIVE @ LeMans SINCE 1981!TIDE pozzi ferrari france 81 LeMans 5th.o.a.-IMSA class winner.

  10. Wow TIDE ferrari racing,tom davis. Just wow. Do you read your comment before you post it. Seriously mate, look at all the comments done by everyone else, and notice how the full stops and commas are in the right places, there isn’t excessive use of capital letters. They have capital letters at the start of their sentinces. And most importantly, they make sense, and are easy to read.

    Now, I think I understand what you were kinda trying to say, and there’s nothing wrong with it. I still don’t understand why winning class and finishing is so much more significant than any other combination of class and overall position but hey, if its the truth, I can’t argue it. Maybe this sort of thing wouldn’t happen if you had a basic grasp of grammar and puntuation. I understand many people who comment on Planet Le Mans aren’t native English speakers, but your coments seam to ignore language convention entirely.

    As for calling me a “smuck”, well all I can say to that is that a: you misspelled schmuck and b: how about you post your comments a little clearer, so that a smuck such as myself can actually understand it.

  11. Schellz, Davis’s Ferrari stories are are not always very accurate, but important to him because he’s done nothing since then and that’s all he’s got. I wouldn’t take him calling you a “smuck” very seriously. He’s always calling someone names!

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