FIA GT1 World Championship with Reiter Engineering

Hans Reiter’s team is going to compete with two Lamborghinis Gallardo LP 600+ in the FIA GT1 World Championship. Championship organiser, Stéphane Ratel (SRO), worked hard to create perfect conditions for the World Championship. Hans Reiter is happy that everything worked out fine and that he will be able to participate with two Lamborghinis. “Stéphane achieved that the races of this great championship are going to take place all over the world. So it has become a true world championship at a very high level and with top-class cars. As a small manufacturer, the Asian and Russian markets have become very important for us. The world championship will be a major platform for all parties”, says team principal, Hans Reiter.

Talks with the drivers will be concluded shortly and names will be announced very soon. However, Dutch pilot Peter Kox who has been working with Reiter Engineering for many years will almost definitely be one of our drivers.

The first race of the season will take place in Nogaro, France on April 8, 2012. Six European races will take place in conjunction with the FIA GT3 European Championship.

2012 FIA GT1 World Championship Schedule:
April 8, Nogaro (FRA)
April 22, Zolder (BEL)
May 27, Navarra (ESP)
July 8, Algarve (POR)
August 26, Beijing (CHN)
September 2, Ordos (CHN)
September 16, Moscow (RUS)
October 7, Zandvoort (NLD)
November 25, San Luis (ARG)
December 2, New Delhi (IND)

Subject to change, some dates have not been confirmed yet.

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  1. 12 cars now.
    2x Audis (WRT)
    2x BMWs (Vita4One)
    2x Ferraris (AF Corse)
    2x Mclarens (Hexis)
    2x Mercedes (All Inkl)
    2x Lamborghinis (Reiter)

  2. @William Mound and Pierce:
    2 Aston Martin DBRS9 (not Vantage) entered by a French GT3 team are 99% certain, too, so it’s indeed 14 cars now. Ratel is talking to several European Porsche teams to enter two 997 Porsche, then the minimum field of 16 cars would be complete.

  3. @kw.
    He’re you are right, but Ratel has been taljing about 18 cars … They’re is still Nissan, Corvette, …

  4. According to Radio Le Mans, Nissan already announced their international racing intentions for the season and it did not include GT1.

  5. I really thought it would attract more teams since they’re using GT3 cars. I had imagined teams beating down his door to enter the championship instead of him going to solicit them.

    i just hope they make the cars as fast as GT1 cars or even faster, if not the fans will notice the reduced G-whiz factor

  6. @Bamba and HD:
    Initially Ratel was really talking about 18 to 20 cars, but now it is really difficult to get even the minimum of 16 together, which I guess he will make. Concerning Nissan and Corvette: The GT1 championship is no more in the Nissan works support, JRM has moved to WEC, and there are not so many GT3 Nissan GTR around that there could be a quick deal with a private team to run them. Same for Corvette – the only GT3 Corvettes running in Europe are those from Callaway, all entered in the ADAC GT Masters. Thus, a Porsche team will be easier to find. You can just take a look at the big (50 cars) entry list of the Blancpain Endurance series – it contains no Corvette and only one Nissan, but several Porsche teams.
    And yes, I agree they should do something about the lap time performance of the cars, especially as they will run on the same events as the GT3 European championship, where the lap times will be easily comparable.

  7. I suspect the entries aren’t coming in as quickly as Stephane Ratel would like is because he has another GT3-spec series that is far more attractive to teams, and that’s the Blancpain Endurance Series.

  8. I have to agree with you, Michael. If I were fortunate enough to be a wealthy sportsman with a couple R8s or McLaren GT3 cars at my disposal, 3 hour endurance races would be more attractive than one hour sprints, especially when the driving standards in the GT1 Championship have at times been “touring car-esque.” The travel, or relative lack thereof, would also be more attractive in terms of cost.

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