SaReNi Camaro GT Debut


The new Sareni United Camaro GT debuted at the GT Open at the Paul Ricard HTTT in the south of France last weekend. In the free practice sessions the US GT racing car demonstrated that it will be a strong competitor in future GT3 series races. The Camaro was driven by Albert von Thurn und Taxis (DEU), Stefan Rosina (SLK) and Peter Kox (NLD). Thurn und Taxis and Rosina are going to share a Reiter Engineering Lamborghini Gallardo LP600+ in the 2012 ADAC GT Masters season.

Hans Reiter who develope d the new Camaro GT is pleased with its performance: “Everybody did a good job. However, there is a lot of work to do until the start of the season. We still need to fine-tune the Camaro.”

The GT car had to be loaded and transported to the BoP (Balance of Performance) after the free practice sessions. Therefore it was missing in the starting grid of the actual race.

The Yaco Racing team (DEU) will use the car for a race for the first time when they compete in the ADCA GT Masters series and the FIA GT3 European Championship with two Camaros GT. The first race of the new ADAC GT Masters season will take place at the Motorsportarena in Oschersleben from March 31 to April 1, 2012.

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  1. I’m not a fan of this car. It looks heavy and cumbersome and devalues the cars in GT3. If I were McLaren, I would be annoyed to race a $25k car and be given restrictions enough that my advanced road car technology is not made clear. The Camaro is not a supercar.

  2. ^ Then McLaren should go race their car in a proper series for high end sports cars like GTE.

    As a BoP based series, pretty much anything can enter. I don’t see how the Camaro is any worse than the little Z4 with a V8 stuffed in it.

  3. GT racing is not only about supercars. The manufacture choose to run with those cars. Unless it’s a private project, like this Camaro, but also the Ford GT, Ford Mustang and Lamborghini Gallardo for example. With these private projects, the manufacture still has to approve it.

    The FIA defines a GT car as “an open or closed automobile which has no more than one door on each side and a minimum of two seats situated one on each side of the longitudinal centre line of the car; these two seats must be crossed by the same transversal plane. This car must be able to be used perfectly legally on the open road, and adapted for racing on circuits or closed courses.”

    And the race cars, not the road cars, needs to be RWD. So basicly you are allowed to make a Citroën C1 GT3 or Daihatsu Copen GT3.

  4. @William, over here in the states yes it’s a 25K car however over in Europe, seeing how they are rare to find over there (according to my English friends) they’re quite pricey over there! so it may not seem like it state side but accross the pond it’s whole nother story

  5. @William: I find your comment very unfair. Is the BMW Z4 a supercar? Is the Mustang a super car? In fact what devaluates a series is a car like the Panoz Abruzzi. This is at least showing good pace and a good effort in my book.

  6. In my opinion, it is the big variety of different cars that makes the GT3 class as attractive as it is. Sure the Camaro might not be as beautiful as the new Ferrari’s and McLaren’s, simply because it’s a completely different concept – but the GT3 concept makes it possible that such a typical American “muscle car” runs against a beautifully designed Italian “cavallino rampante”, and that’s just what we like to watch. Reiter Engineering has four entries in the ADAC GT Masters this year – two Camaro and two Lamborghini Gallardo – I like the system that makes this possible…

  7. Jumping on the bandwagon here. What is the definition of a “supercar”? Price? The (expected)new Camaro models later this year and several Mustang versions top $50K off the showroom floor (some hit $75K). Is it performance? BMW has raced a version of the M3 for several seasons now, and the comparitively “cheap” Mustang Boss 302 blows its doors off.

    Anything that brings diversity to a class is good for racing. Spec single make series are ok, but you bring in alot more interest with additional makes. The rules set then should offer a measure of leveling to the field. After that, its up to team innovation (within those rules) and driver prowess.

  8. I agree with William.

    There are precious few series where cars like the McLaren, Lamborghini, etc can race in front of a large international audience. If you continue to allow a $25k car to be just as competitive as a $400,000+ car, then the high end cars will disappear and the series will be left with Cameros. Series like GT3 are so popular because of the high end cars, and if you hamstring them, then another fantastic series will die.

  9. @Michael

    Sooooo, what is the sticker price on the Porsche 997s that have been so popular among the GT3 racing comunity? Or the very capable Corvette? And when was the last time a Mustang or Camaro (V8 version) was available at a dealer new for $25K?
    And then there is the multitude of people who like to see more than the “$400K supercars”. Again, the more diversity in marques in a series the better.

  10. Let’s not badger the Camaro so. The car is yes not as expensive as the rest of the field. However, I believe this could maybe draw fans fromt the US. Keep in mind it is nice to bring diversity in team nationalities. But, here is a car only the 2nd GT3 car to come from outside of Europe ready to compete with a strong partnership of Sareni and Reiter Engineering to back it.

  11. Just for information to the US people among you:
    Here in Europe, the list prizes of the Camaro start between 40.000 and 45.000 Euro (around 55.000 $) – yes, still not comparable to a Mercedes SLS (220.000 €), but not cheap either…

  12. @kw
    Thanks for that bit of info. Are those base V6 models or V8s?

    Personally, I wish the US had more of a presence in the “supercar” arena, but we dont. However, I do like the fact that manufacturers here have produced capable cars for a more reachable price. And these are race cars we are talkin about, that 220K Euro price tag on the SLS includes alot of upgrades revolving around driver comfort and prestige of the name.

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