New Lola B12/60 LMP1 has arrived!

Lola today announce the launch of its 2012 LMP1 design – the Lola B12/60 that will compete in the inaugural FIA World Endurance Championship as well as the American Le Mans Series and European Le Mans Series this season.

Lola is building upon the successful foundations of its double title winning 2011 campaign when it took the ALMS and LMS manufacturers’ crowns. The Lola factory has been working solidly at its technical centre in Huntingdon, UK, to further enhance its LMP1 model for the 2012 season. Extensive development work over the winter in both aerodynamic and mechanical studies has produced a significantly different product for the 2012 season.

Lola Executive Chairman, Martin Birrane commented: “After a detailed aerodynamic development study over the autumn/winter period our LMP1 car has effectively had a re-design for the 2012 season. Our customers share Lola’s vision and technical thirst for continuous improvement, so we believe that all our entries in the FIA WEC, ALMS and ELMS this year will again be competing for further silverware with the new-look Lola B12/60. I would like to wish all our customers a successful season.”

Chris Dyson, team principal of Dyson Racing said of the new car that his team will race at Sebring: “Dyson Racing are really looking forward to a big step forward this season with the new Lola B12/60 LMP1 Coupe. It is really a clean sheet of paper approach in many respects. The new aerodynamic package looks very good indeed. The new design stresses to a far greater degree the weight advantage of our AER-designed 2.0 liter Mazda turbo engine–the lightest powerplant in LMP1. From the outset, we have packaged the weight distribution of the car to maximise improved aero capabilities. We knew the previous Lola so well that we can pinpoint from day one where we can improve, and hit the ground running. I just can’t wait to get behind the wheel and start defending our ALMS championship.”

Lola has at least seven confirmed entries for this year’s Le Mans 24 Hours, while six Lolas are entered in the FIA World Endurance Championship opener at Sebring in 12 days time.

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  1. Take note, HPD, Oreca, Audi, Toyota, Pescarolo and anyone else who cares to listen, the LMP1 of 2012 can be ABSOLUTELY SHOCKINGLY GORGEOUS!!

    I’ll be supporting all Lola teams this year since Aston has left the prototype ranks.

    The only disappointment is that Dyson will only have one car at Sebring and therefore only one car capable of winning the championship. Its too bad they couldnt have used one of their 2011 cars with a waiver until they had time to build up a second chassis so that they could have too cars in the hunt.

    But overall, the best news since Peugeot left, and the first pretty 2012 car since Peugeot left.

  2. Dyson is getting the car pretty late. 2 weeks till Sebring. This is not good planning.

    The Acura teams had their rides almost a month ago.

    But Audi had its car since last year, so it’s way better prepared.

  3. You know what package would be interesting? A Lola-Zytek. Whatever happened to Zytek ever the Quifel ASM racing team left the car. Or is it because of the engine failure they had at Le Mans last year? The Zytek engines used to be fast. Any chance of Zytek engine being raced in LMP1? I wish to see more Lolas with Zytek engines.

  4. Looks beautiful, til you see the headlights/front fenders. Has Lola now gone to the same size tire/wheel on all four corners as Peugeot and Audi did? The front fender looks huge compared to last years model, or is it visual trick due to the headlight design? Looks like the driver will have all the same line of sight issues the 908 and R18 drivers had last year.

  5. Zytek prepare Nissan’s P2 engines so they aren’t going short, given this is a GT500 based engine it’s not a great leap to produce a P1 customer version. I see that as a possibilty given only AER, Judd and HPD have P1 engines, you may also see teams who use the Nissan in P2 (Signatech, Greaves, Loeb, TDS, Status GP etc.) want to continue the relationship if they step up. As for the Lola, I like the trend for big lights, reminds of cars like later3.5 Group C’s, the Mazda MXR-01 and Toyota TS010.

  6. This is one good looking car! Reminds me of the seventies albeit in a new sort of way ;-)

  7. Without a manufacturer underwriting it, Zytek wouldn’t be able to lease enough Zytek engines to make a P1 program viable. With Toyota, Audi Mazda and HPD all subsidizing engines and paying for a development race, the Zytek couldn’t be competitive without a major investment.

    Judd seems to have cornered the privateer P1

  8. …market and I don’t miss the Zytek engine. As series go, Sportscars has an unbelievable engine diversity with more bespoke engine manufacturers competing than any other series I can think of.

    Zytek is also busy with the Nissan program as was said.

  9. Had no idea Zytek was involved with the Nissan engines.

    Maybe that’s why they’re offering poor support to customers running their chassis.

    I remember they used to have the best privateer P2 package, and their P1 car was competitive, only thing is no full pro team was running it.

    But then they merged with Ginetta and it all fell apart. I think all the Zytek resources were used to develop Ginetta cars and that’s what killed them, and they had to break up the merger. But came off better. Hopefully they can recover

  10. Greaves will run two new Zytek Nissan’s, they seem to be Nissan’s favoured P2 team with the Brundles and Ordonez on-board.

  11. Jota is also campaigning a Zytek in the ELMS and Le Mans, I would say Zytek is probably at capacity.

  12. Some of LMPs having big light is OK but existence of too many odd-headlight-designed car like 2011 Rebellion Lola, Toyota TS030 and 2012 HPDs would be serious problem that will kill “elegance” of Sports prototype.
    Main cause of this would be regulation about minimum hight of headlight and also huge front fenders (furthermore too big shark fins). I hope rule maker recognize some rules should be reconsidered… I like the design of convex shape and lower light ex. Toyota 89C-V

  13. I like the large front fenders and full size wheels, the cars look lower and meaner with them. I think I’m right in saying that at Le Mans 2012, only the Pescarolos and Dome will have the conventional smaller wheels.

  14. The Dome has been updated to wide fronts, so too has the new Pescarolo 03 (debut at Spa). Not seen anything about OAK, but there was speculation they also have wide fronts, it certainly has new aero and sports big lights.

  15. Does the Lola LMP2 make use of the wider front wheels as well? I believe it does, but I think if that is the case that they must be the only LMP2 cars to use them.

  16. Quite impressed Dyson have done a 1.50 out of the box with an AER motor that still has question marks over it, apparently the cars impressive in the twisty stuff. It’s a shame so many petrol teams are little past the shakedown stage, though with a clear qualifying run I think the front runners will be disappointed if they don’t get down in the 1.48’s.

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