‘Downforce1 by Pamela Anderson’ Launched

Pamela Anderson is now adding Race car Team Owner to her long list of unique dream inspired projects. The world famous actress has expanded her business empire by launching her own Race car team, called, Downforce1 by Pamela Anderson, and she will go trackside and be close by all the racing events she can to see her team winning and give personal support during the racing season.

Pamela has always been a Huge fan of racing. From NASCAR to Formula 1. This is a dream come true for her and her boys.

Pamela Anderson the Baywatch Series Star…at a NASCAR event where she was brought out to say the iconic phrase “gentleman start your engines!” She told the media “Fast Cars and Fast women go together and here we are surrounded by men I love it” The entertainment Agency ICM have been very creative and successful working with Pamela with her unique list of desires and talents.

Long time International Sportscar Team Manager, David Prewitt and the team will give their best to honor Pamela and bring the Car and the Drivers to the Podium.

Marketing Chief and Team Coordinator is Racer Markus Fux will also drive in some races this year for the Team.

Pamela and Markus have a great chemistry. And are looking forward to the excitement and fun this will be.
Downforce1 by Pamela Anderson will start 2012 in the European Le Mans Series (ELMS) with an Aston Martin Vantage GT2 and also in the International GT Open Series. The Invitation for the Team presentation get out soon.

In addition Pamela is extremely excited to build up a NASCAR race Team for 2013. “I’m so proud of the Downforce 1 team. These gentleman have achieved the impossible and built up a team in just 4 months so I cannot wait to see my Cars on the Racetrack it’s hard to believe until I see it. Look for us in white and blue – my signature color” said Pamela Anderson.

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  1. I’m surprised they didn’t go with a Corvette or a Ford GT, both great looking cars. Good to see another Aston on the entry lists

  2. “Downforce” (1) — first thought was, eh, isn’t that the company that’s saving the (ALMS|Indycar) Baltimore GP this year?

    Oh. No.. Ahh.. Well, good luck to them (as to any new team)

  3. Interesting to see that the team is entering the ELMS instead of the ALMS.

    @matt e
    For initial interest and sponsorship, yes, but the performance of the team will dictate how long they are around.

  4. I remember at the 24h Nuerburgring last year there was a team “livestrip.com” – obviously the sex industry makes enough money to be an attractive sponsor…
    But coming back to sports – who knows what David Prewitt and Markus Fux have done before? Haven’t heard about them yet.

  5. I think that everybody (including Pamela) is going to be very surprised. According to very knowledgabe source they still do not have a car and frantically are trying to lease one. The man behind this “deal” is not Markus Fux but another Austrian, whose trail of unpaid bills is so long he does not want to show his face anymore. I am just curious whose money is going to be embezzeled this time…

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