Wet warm-up for wet race!

Weather forecasts unfortunately proved accurate: the rain and cold arrived for the warm-up and no improvement is expected for the race. Although drivers remained cautious not to compromise their chances for the race, there were quite a few spectacular spins in the short 20-minute warm-up on a wet track.

The two Audi R18 e-tron quattros monopolized the top two positions, with the advantage of the hybrid system, which transforms the prototype into four-wheel drive. The rain upset the ranking though, the Murphy Oreca-Nissan LMP2 prototypes finding themselves in the middle of the GT. Similarly, some cars in the category LMGTE Am were among the LMGTE Pro field.

The pre-grid activities start after the second race of Speed ??Series. Spectators can enjoy the “pit walk” – the pit lane will be open from 12:00 to 13:00 – and the autograph session is from 12:15. Then the cars will line-up on the grid for the start the race at 14:30.

(Image: Gerlach Delissen)

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  1. it rains constantly at le mans, I can foresee the etrons being the quickest any time the weather goes bad. how much does the hybrid negate the 4 wheel drive in terms of fuel usage? should be interesting to see two hyrids from two companies

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