#35 Morgan set for Nissan power at Le Mans

OAK Racing’s Onroak Automotive-designed #35 Morgan 2012 LMP2 will be powered by a Nissan VK45 engine at the 80th running of the Le Mans 24 Hours on June 16/17.

The car driven by Bas Leinders, Maxime Martin and David Heinemeier Hansson will also use the new powerplant during the event’s Official Test Day on June 3.

OAK Racing’s WEC-registered #24 Morgan 2012 LMP2, driven by Jacques Nicolet, Matthieu Lahaye and Olivier Pla, will continue to be powered by the Judd HK engine.

Jacques Nicolet, OAK Racing Team Owner: “We have taken this decision as both a manufacturer and racing team. It represents an ideal opportunity to fully understand the car’s performance equipped with both Judd and Nissan engines during the same race conditions throughout the World Endurance Championship’s greatest challenge. Our partner team Conquest Endurance will also benefit from this experience as their ALMS programme already combines a Morgan 2012 LMP2 with Nissan’s engine.”

(Image: Gerlach Delissen)

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  1. It’s a shame that the LMP1 OAK Pescarolo isn’t as successful as the LMP2 OAK Pescarolos(Morgans). I hope they have a better run at Le Mans this year.

  2. This should be aided by Conquest Endurance’s development since the article says they are partners. Conquests machine has run very well in the ALMS and I look forward to them toppling Level 5 from the top podium spot. Hopefully OAK will benefit enough to do so at Le Mans.

  3. obvious thanks to the aco and nicolet (part track owner) connection that they can runmble their own rules. The reglement is saying that no engine (supplier) change is allowed after the entry dateline…

  4. So, besides partnering, does anyone know what Morgans’ role is? Sounds like it’s just for public exposure because I don’t think either of those LMP2s have wood frames or did I miss something?

  5. @Mark:
    Morgan is just a name-giving sponsor, not really a technical partner. But still it helps to have one more traditional name back in sportscar racing.

  6. Disappointed by the dominance of Nissan and Oreca and LMP2. I wish we had a bit more variety and the ACO would do well to promote diversity by giving Le Mans entries to teams offering to run different and interesting chassis/engine combinations where appropriate.

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