Blancpain Endurance Series – Silverstone LIVE Video

This weekend the second round of the Blancpain Endurance Series will be held at Silverstone. In case you can’t watch it at the track or on television, you will find the live stream here. The race starts at 12.45 UK time, coverage will start at 12.30 UK time.

Broadcasting live with Ustream

Alternatively there is a live stream on dailymotion:

and on Youtube (beware: this is blocked in Germany and a few other territories)

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  1. Blancpain is not blocked in America on You Tube, but GT1 and GT3 are because its on Speed2. DirecTV recently added Speed2 so I was able to watch last week’s races, qualifying race live and the championship race the next day.

    You can crack the block by using a VPN, just Google it.

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