ORECA launches a new prototype in 2013

ORECA is expanding its « constructor» program with the launch of a third line of prototypes : a car destined as much for competition as for leisure will be born in 2013. In 2009, ORECA launched the Formula Le Mans and two years later the ORECA 03 made its race debut. Since then, the car has accumulated successes and podiums in endurance racing, and shined at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. In offering a third prototype, destined for competition and leisure, the Groupe ORECA is taking on a new challenge and entering a new market.

An innovative prototype!
The new ORECA prototype will compete in « CN » sportscars competition, such as the VdeV series, Speed Euro Series, international and national prototype championships, as well as hill climbing events. Against previously established competitors, ORECA wished to set themselves apart as Hugues de Chaunac confirms : « Our design and study department worked on this project, relying on CFD tools (digital wind tunnel testing) and structural calculations at our disposal. Innovation is part of our DNA and it was logical for us to go in this direction. Our goal is to offer a package that is competitive and attractive, while respecting the spirit of the particular discipline. In addition, we are particularly attentive to the needs of our customer teams, which is why a customer support program will be put in place to accompany them in their adventure. »

ORECA completes its « Endurance » line…
In a few months, the ORECA 03 and the ORECA-FLM09 will be joined by a little sister. A new car that
responds to the current demand. « This « CN » type prototype responds to the needs of drivers and teams
wishing to compete on circuits, in the context of competition or leisure, at a reasonable cost. » announced Hugues de Chaunac. « With the ORECA-FLM09 and the ORECA 03, we already have quality cars which, on one hand, allow teams to reach the highest levels of endurance racing, and on the other, allow teams to aim for victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and FIA World Endurance Championship. Today, we expand the offering with an « entry level » prototype. »

The new ORECA prototype will be available in a limited quantity for the first year. Quality, performance, reliability and innovation will be priorities in this prototype program. Its definitive characteristics will be unveiled at a later date and its competition debut is slated for the 2013 season.

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  1. Maybe they just wanted to make a car without a sharkfin and holes cut out of the fenders…

  2. I like the idea. There’s no reason Oreca shouldn’t make the entry level cars and, with their LMP2 entries running to a cost limit, these could possibly be more profitable.

  3. The concept is kind of the same as ORECA’s LMP-C prototype – first create the car and then create the championship class to run in – or does anyone know any current championship where this car could be entered except in its own “Cup”? Seems that Hughes de Chaunac tries again to create his own market. But when I look at the very poor entry list of the second round of the European Le Mans Series at Donington next weekend, I fear that the market is currently very weak…

  4. I love the look of this prototype!! Such a beautiful car to look at! I wish that ORECA would make an LMP1 to solely take on Audi next year. I hope they have more success with Toyota next year. Both TS030’s were able to keep up with the R18s. I was happy to see a petrol/hybrid finally split up the diesels. Now if only we can get factory-assisted teams and maybe privateers to mix it up with the Audis.

  5. kw – This car is built to CN regulations, as the article states. Series that use CN regulations are VdeV, the Speed Euro series (which might get canned, since its a ELMS support series) as well as hillclimbing.

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