Combined final for the ELMS and the ALMS!

The 2012 European Le Mans Series season will end in the United States! The entrants in this series have been invited to take part in the Petit Le Mans, one of the most prestigious races in America for a combined final.

Europe meets America! The entrants in the European Le Mans Series have been invited to a great final. It will take place in the Petit Le Mans (17-20 October), a race that will also mark the end of the American Le Mans Series

This decision was taken by the organizers of the European Le Mans Series together with the Automobile Club de l’Ouest in agreement with the American Le Mans Series as it will add more prestige to both championships.

Above and beyond the overall result of the Petit Le Mans, a specific classification will be drawn up for the entrants in both series, which will give the final results in the two championships and will designate the teams that will receive invitations to the 2013 Le Mans 24 Hours. Please note that points scored in the ELMS Championship in the Petit Le Mans while count double.

In compensation for this final the ACO and the ELMS are cancelling the last two rounds on the European calendar Brno (Czech Republic) and Algarve (Portugal). Last weekend the second round of the European Le Mans Series held on the Donington circuit in England provided a thrilling high-quality battle in the LM P2 category (9 cars), but there was an evident lack of competitors in the LM PC (1 entrant) and LM GTE (2 entries in GTE Am and 1 in GTE Pro).

This situation is the result of the current economic climate and a very competitive GT market with numerous championships that have led to the dispersal of cars of this type in Europe.

The organizers of the European Le Mans Series are working flat out on the future of the series, which is one of the essential competitions for training teams and drivers for the top level of endurance racing, the FIA World Endurance Championship and the Le Mans 24 Hours. This work will result in a proposal for the coming seasons and will be announced in September.

The Petit Le Mans is the tenth and last round of the American Le Mans Series. It is a 1000-mile race (1609 km or 10 hours maximum if this distance isn’t reached), and it will take place on 17-20 October on the beautiful Road Atlanta circuit in Georgia (USA).

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  1. Good idea. After not being part of the WEC (which I still don’t understand, I guess mostly Peugeot didn’t want 2 US races, but is now out…), the Petit Le Mans would have been “just another ALMS race”. This way the field becomes much better. On the other hand it is also a way to bring the ELMS to a proper end after the desastrous entry list of the last race at Donington. But I doubt if we will have another ELMS in 2013.

  2. “a race that will also mark the end of the American Le Mans Series” This sounds like there will be ALMS in 2013. Should this read it is the end of the ALMS season or the end of the ELMS series.

  3. Justin, we certainly hope so. I believe it is just a Euro translation issue. While ELMS has had poor entries I do not know what attendance numbers they have had so far. ALMS has had steady attendance despite the terrible ESPN 3 deal. I believe that is three steps back in regards to programming for the sport.

  4. PLM wasn’t part of the WEC because they can’t fit the grids of both series on this track.

    As for 2013 and beyond, the ELMS not only should return, it has a great chance of being the major sportscar series in the region once again. It’s LMP field is significantly stronger than the ALMS and should grow (even if their is turnover of teams) and with the cull of GT series a dozen or more teams will be assessing their options. Blancpain and GTO are two extremes, a full list for endurance races and a small field for sprints.

  5. If you ask me these two series need to do this more often, i remember back in the early days of the ALMS they would hop the pond for a race or two every year, usually around LeMans time, they shared the events with the FIA Sportscar Championship and the first ELMS (from the early 2000’s) every one always walked away happy from those events.

  6. ESPN3 is not a step back its a step forward, your moaning about it means one of two thing – You have a terrible internet connection or don’t have access to ESPN3 from your ISP.

    If none of those are true then your PC is located somewhere say an office and your TV in the family/living room. Where my TV is connected a specifically built PC for the task which has both a DirecTV box, Internet and File Server connected too it.

    FIA GT1 will be merged into some type of Pan-Euro GT3 Championship but it also might just add World to the Blancpain series going forward, only rich morons would stop that from happening since the Pro-Am field is larger than the Pro field at those races.

    Yes the ALMS used to run a few events overseas and that could return with this merger.

    ALMS attendance has been steady before and after the move to streaming. This is ridiculous to try and use streaming as a reason for decline. The fact is when the series was its strongest between 2006-2009, TV ratings went DOWN and attendance went UP.

    Also the LMP teams are not stronger, there was 9 LMP2 cars, there are 5 LMP1/2 normally only 4 this past weekend, but I would argue at Petit since the Indy Car season will be over there are plenty of elite drivers available for ALMS LMP2 efforts, it should be a good race regardless.

    Also LMPC is quite a bit stronger in the ALMS and almost as fast as LMP2. LMPC car was on the lead lap at Long Beach…

  7. ESPN3,
    I agree with Anthony that this is not a “bad” deal. On top of the coverage on raceday, the ENTIRE races are archived and available for viewing at a later date. All that is needed (for me) is an HDMI cable to plug the laptop to the TV. I hate hunting for delayed broadcasts of races I want to see on TV.

    Euro Series,
    I think the BES might want to add “World”, but that would cause friction with the WEC. Different regs, yes, but less “Brand Distinction”.

    ELMS @ Petit
    I look forward to the “extra” LMP2 cars at Petit, anyone that can push Level 5 farther down or off the podium. More GT cars will be cool too.

    ALMS attendance
    Having attended ALMS and GA at Laguna Seca for the last 3 years, the ALMS crowds dwarf the GA ones. And GA is the closest thing to competition ALMS has as a series. And GA has the SPEED deal.

  8. The ALMS is way more accessible now, despite not having a proper live coverage TV deal.

    That has even enticed Grand Am to also archive all their races on their website the way the ALMS does it. Even Indycar has gone that way too, by archiving its races.

    Too bad the ELMS has not thought of that trick to make themselves more accessible to fans. Especially given that archiving races on YouTube (like Indycar and GT1) would pretty much cost nothing.

  9. TV coverage still mostly sucks. Panos has Road Atlanta for sale,asking; $40mm. [paid $8mm] At this price only tacky HIT & RUN bullders of mcMansons can afford race site for next building boom! Sebring for sale, has 80 years left on lease with the airport authority.Would make terrific motorsports park in the 70% vacant hangers. Rent hangers NOW for only $300.per month, contact Pete McDivitt chairman. Group 44 has neat warbirds/race car museum on site.

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