Seven ELMS teams at Petit Le Mans

As announced recently the 2012 European Le Mans Series will finish in the United States. The ELMS entrants will join those in the American Le Mans Series to take part in the Petit Le Mans, one of the great events in American endurance racing, which will be held between 17th and 20th October 2012 on the Road Atlanta circuit in Georgia.

The Petit Le Mans is the tenth and last round of the American Le Mans Series and will be run over a distance of 1000 miles (1609 km) or ten hours’ racing maximum if this distance is not reached.

This final will bring the season to a close for these two series run under the Le Mans label and seven ELMS teams, mainly in LM P2 (see attached list), have decided to make the trip. They will boost the numbers of the usual ALMS field.

In addition to the overall result of the Petit Le Mans a specific classification will be established for the entrants in the two series. It will finalise the outcome of the two championships and designate the teams which will receive invitations for the 2013 Le Mans 24 Hours. Double points will be awarded for the ELMS classification at the Petit Le Mans.
The organisers are now working on the future of the ELMS, which is one of the crucial steps for training teams and drivers who want to reach the heights of endurance, namely: the FIA World Endurance Championship and the Le Mans 24 Hours. The outcome of these discussions will be a proposal that will be announced in September with the format and calendar of the 2013 season.

#1 Greaves Motorsport – Zytek Z11SN-Nissan – Alex Brundle/Lucas Ordonez/Tom Kimber-Smith
#117 Status GP – Lola Coupe-Judd HK – Alexander Sims/TBA/TBA
#118 Murphy Prototypes – Oreca 03-Nissan – Jody Firth/Warren Hughes/TBA
#24 Oak Racing – Morgan-Judd – TBA/TBA/TBA
#46 Thiriet by TDS Racing – Oreca 03-Nissan – Mathias Beche/Pierre Thiriet

#60 AF Corse – Ferrrari 458 Italia – Pierguiseppe Perrazzini/Marco Cioci/Matt Griffin
#67 IMSA Performance Matmut – Porsche 997 GT3 RSR – Anthony Pons/Raymond Narac/Nicolas Armindo

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  1. The teams joining the party are:

    -Greaves Motorsport
    -Oak Racing
    -Status Grand Prix
    -Thiriet by TDS Racing
    -Murphy Prototypes

    -AF Corse
    -IMSA Performance Matmut

  2. ELMS should give free web coverage and archive all races in their entirety online. It will help bring in a few more fans.

    The P1 class should be brought back as well.

    And they should piggy back off a local championship. For example france has a the FFSA carrera cup they could work out a deal where they are one of the featured races. And dot he sdame in other european countries that have local championships.

    MAny drivers ususally spend time in a local championship before tackling on LeMans it’s not a bad idea. They should hire me as a consultant.

  3. Terrific,quality race too bad Panos has race track for sale. Asking $40,000,000, [another,future,tacky yuppie,housing project when market rebounds.] PAID $6,000,000. Hope Skip Barber’s Group buys Sebring. New major vintage / historic race at Sebring late Oct 2012. Save the MIAMI Marine Stadium ! Support your local crack whore, buy a Hummer or a Lambo..

  4. That will give a good quality of the Petit Le Mans field despite not being part of the WEC series. But what I really dream of is not a unification of ALMS and ELMS for one race but a unification of ALMS with GrandAm. The Daytona prototypes could serve as an affordable second prototype class, succeeding LMP-C (they are about on this level), and the additional GT’s could make the GTC class obsolete.
    I know there’s a lot of rivalty between the two series, and GrandAm is run by the NASCAR scene (probably mainly to give NASCAR pilots something to do on free weekends…), but it should be allowed to dream….

  5. I don’t understand why the ACO didn’t let the ELMS team to join the WEC in Silverstone. Silverstone is in Europe and ELMS is endurance series in Europe.

  6. @kw, I too think that the ALMS and GRAND-AM should merge, but with IMSA becoming the govering body and the Daytona Prototypes would go away, considering that the LMPC protypes serve as a better entry level prototype and introduction to ACO-spec prototypes. Daytona Prototypes are more expensive to run then a cost-capped LMP2 car. If American sports car racing wants to thrive, not just survive the series have to work together under the same rules to allow for more races and more teams and manufacturers to join the series and invest in sports car racing. The GTs in GRAND-AM don’t comply to ACO rules and aren’t as fast as the GTE cars. I would say to grandfather them in as a support series instead of keeping them in the main race because the series needs to have GTE-Am cars and teams compete to entice privateers.

  7. @Michael Almaguer:
    Agree with you, the LMP-C are probably more cost-effective than the DP’s, and also a much better preparation for young drivers willing to proceed to LMP2 and LMP1. But at the moment I didn’t hear about any further LMP-C development at ORECA, thus the prototype series will slowly run out of them.
    And for the GTs in Grand Am: I thought the plan was anyway to replace them from 2013 or at least 2014 with the DTM cars? There were some meetings with the DTM managers both with Grand Am and with the Japanese GT series.

  8. kw,
    The GRAND-AM/DTM rumors are most likely dead because the man that was in charge of that deal was recently let go by GRAND-AM, and not much has been said by GRAND-AM on the DTM thing anymore. The SuperGT thing sounds interesting, but fundamentally goes against the way GRAND-AM runs their series.

  9. Michael Almaguer,
    that’s a pity, as the new DTM chassis would be a very good basis for GT or Touring Car sport everywhere else in the world. You can just use a V8 engine and a new silhouette with the existing, proven chassis, which would be a very cost-effective way of motorsport for American or Japanese manufacturers.

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