GT300 cars admitted to Asian Le Mans Series

The organisers of the Super GT series and the ACO, and promoters of the future Asian Le Mans Series, have announced that GT300 class cars will be accepted in the six races of the 2013 Asian Le Mans Series.

From 2013, the GT300 Super GT series will compete in the Asian Le Mans Series GTC class, alongside cars complying with FIA GT3 regulations and one-make ‘Cup’ cars . This decision it should contribute to the development of both series.

The level of performance of GT300 will be adjusted by the ACO and the GTA (creator and promoter of Super GT) through technical solutions aimed primarily at maintaining a balance in the hierarchy of categories already present; LM GTE and LM P2 be the two primary classes of the 2013 Asian Le Mans Series. Teams that race GT300 cars can run in both series, season calendars being adjusted accordingly.

Admission of GT300 cars does not relate to the FIA World Endurance Championship ??or the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which are exclusively reserved for LM P1, LM P2, GTE Pro and GTE Am.

Masaaki Bandoh (GTA Chairman, promoter of Super GT) : “The ACO, organiser of the legendary Le Mans 24-Hours race, will launch the Asian Le Mans Series in 2013. I’m particularly grateful to Messrs Pierre Fillon, the ACO President, and Rémy Brouard, the ACO Director of International Development, to have accepted our request, namely: to allow the GT 300 cars to take part in the Asian LMS. Through this collaboration, I feel sure that our Asian strategy, the organisation of GT 300 races in Asia and the training of local teams and drivers will be a strong factor in the development of the motor racing industry in these countries. Today, the collaboration between the ACO, the GTA and the 2SM Group, the Asian LMs promoter, is taking its first steps. I believe and hope that together we can contribute to the development of motor sport in Asia.”

Pierre Fillon (president of the ACO) : “To be able to count on the support of the GTA in our development in Asia is great news for the ACO, and also for our new Asian Le Mans Series in 2013 as well as its promotional category, GTC. I’d like to offer my sincere thanks to President Bandoh and his team who came to the Le Mans 24 Hours in June to make this proposal to us. I’m sure that the ACO/GTA balance of performance will be a big success for the two championships in 2013.”

Rémy Brouard (ACO Director of International Development) : “Like the Le Mans 24 Hours, the Super GT series is a benchmark in Japan and Asia with well-attended races, major car manufacturers present with works teams, very good drivers and great circuits! It’s an honour for the Asian Le Mans Series to work with such an organisation in its future development. In what is a difficult economic context for all those involved in motor sport this decision should lead to combined meetings in Asia and Japan in the future: it will also help bring about cost reductions for the Asian teams. I’m very happy with this agreement with the GTA team concerning GT 300 in the Asian Le Mans Series, and I’d like to thank the whole GTA team for their welcome, their collaboration and their in-depth involvement!”

Mark Thomas (Asian LMS promoter) : “With eight months to go to its launch the 2013 Asian LMS is taking on an increasingly clear shape every day with circuits and major countries like Japan, China, and Indonesia, future entrants in the four categories, LM P2, LM PC, GTE and now GTC combining the FIA GT3s, GT 300 and single-make Cup cars. We’ll soon have more good news in the coming weeks on the media coverage and the full 2013 calendar.”

8 Comments on GT300 cars admitted to Asian Le Mans Series

  1. So does that mean the Mooncraft Shiden, a prototype that races in the GT300 class, is eligible?

  2. Great. It looks like ACO doing a great job. I hope with this regulation, the Asian Le Mans Series will have a lot of line-up. And this series will success. So something like what happened in ELMS not gonna happen in Asian Le Mans Series.

  3. I wonder if this will be the death of the Super GT series? If the DTM convergence happens, it looks like a concerted effort from the ITR and ACO to suppress the Japanese series. Doesn’t look good…

  4. Admittedly though that above thought may have been a bit too extreme, but it is interesting timing, IMO.

  5. @PathfinderCS:
    I don’t think that applying the DTM rules to the Japanese GT series means to “suppress” the Super GT series or will be its “death”. That means just changing to a unified chassis and partly unified parts, still maintaining the Toyota, Nissan and Honda engines and the GT silhouettes. The cars won’t look much different to the present GT300, but there will be a much better and safer chassis underneath, which is also much cheaper. So I see only advantages in the DTM cooperation, same for GrandAm in the US.
    Allowing the GT300 for the Asian LeMans Series is just the right way to guarantee a sufficient entry list for the GT class in 2013, as it allows also Asian teams to enter the series, seeing that most of the European GT teams will not be interested in joining the Asian Le Mans Series.

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