ORECA launches new concept “Arrive and Drive” in European Le Mans Series

Discover the highest level of endurance racing on the most beautiful tracks in Europe ; race in a unique and technical environment ; benefit from a team with 40 years of experience… All this is now possible thanks to the « Arrive and Drive » Made by ORECA concept ! In 2013, Team Endurance Challenge offers drivers the chance to participate in the LM PC class of the European Le Mans Series through a « turnkey » package. Another option will be available to take part in the Test Day for the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Drive for ORECA with an all-inclusive package !
Throughout its 40 years of existence, Team ORECA has won on the highest level in all disciplines, including endurance, where they have taken top honors at the 24 Hours of Daytona and 12 Hours of Sebring, among others. The concept « Arrive and Drive » Made by ORECA allows drivers coming from all horizons – from juniors to gentlemen drivers – to be part of such a team over the course of the five European Le Mans Series events in 2013. Drivers will drive for a team named Team Endurance Challenge. In a very professional environment, both in terms of competitiveness and technical competence since the ORECA-FLM 09 chassis will be prepared and revised directly by ORECA. This « turnkey » season package is offered at 180 000 € per driver, for a two-person driving squad.

To win in LM PC is to take a step closer to the 24 Hours of Le Mans!
The Team Endurance Challenge drivers will share a ORECA-FLM 09, a true Le Mans Prototype that maries performance and reliability. They will compete in the LM PC class, a revealer of talents that fulfils its role as a feeder series. The winning driving squad will be rewarded with an invitation to the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2014, while the best duo from Team Endurance Challenge will partake in an LM P2 test. All this to prepare for the next step under the best conditions possible.

In 2013 the European Le Mans Series will return with five meetings at some of the nicest European circuits : Silverstone, Imola, Red Bull Ring, Hungaroring at Budapest and Circuit Paul Ricard running alongside other major events such as the World Series by Renault, the FIA World Endurance Championship and the GT Tour. The schedule of the Team Endurance Challenge drivers can be completed with a participation in the 24 Hours of Le Mans Test Day.

Hugues de Chaunac, Groupe ORECA President: « With the Team Endurance Challenge, we are hoping to put our racing experience and our winning culture at the disposal of the drivers, while providing them with a high level of preparation and follow-up of the prototype with which they are racing. The ELMS is starting anew and we want to support this effort by shaking things up in the LM PC class. In addition to the usual feeder series role, we’re offering a turnkey concept at an affordable price for drivers who wish to focus on one thing : the track ! »

Pierre Fillon, Automobile Club de l’Ouest President: « This new initiative will no doubt facilitate drivers’ access to the kind of racing that endurance racing encompasses. These drivers will be magnificently rewarded since they will be offered, at the end of each year, a spot on the following year’s Le Mans 24 Hours grid ! The cars running in LM PC are the perfect vehicles to hone the skills needed in a discipline that, since 1923 and the creation of the 24 Hours of Le Mans by the ACO, is so dear to our Club. This concept will also reinforce the endurance pyramid that we’ve partially built, with continental series such as the European Le Mans Series, compétition leading to a natural progression to the FIA World Endurance Championship organised by the ACO, and reaching the summit : the 24 Hours of Le Mans. »

9 Comments on ORECA launches new concept “Arrive and Drive” in European Le Mans Series

  1. now they anounce it official that they do buisness together with the ACO. that means that every entry pays also to
    oreca… its crazy…

  2. @kai:
    Why does that mean that every entry pays to ORECA?
    Yes, ACO and ORECA work together in this case – after the ELMS was not successful at all this year, the ACO tries to implement several things to make the ELMS 2013 more attractive as a “WEC and 24h LeMans feeder series”, and this is one of the steps towards this.
    Most of the entries pay to ORECA anyway, because most of the cars entered in ELMS are built by ORECA. Not everybody might like Hughes de Chaunac, but he’s doing a successful business model – Lola didn’t…

  3. @kw (funny name by the way)
    it means it is a controlled market and that is what it shouldn`t be because the ACO fovour on and not the others or noone as it should be. If you like a lmp marque cup I got no problem with that..

  4. @kai: not sure about that. How many LMPCs were driving this year’s (E)LMS? Hmm, hard to remember given that there weren’t too many of these races at all. So, let’s look at the ALMS for an instant. Do I believe ORECA would do a better job than, say, CORE, in setting up their ORECA FLM09? Hell, no. Why would they? Because they constructed the car? I don’t think it helps them. The teams who are using these boxes for a while will have enough practical knowledge in the correct domains to challenge ORECA, IMHO…

  5. @Martin:
    Same opinion here; they won’t have a big advantage compared to the other LMP-C teams, especially as some of the other LMP-C teams have really professional drivers with more experience behind the steering wheels.
    And @kai:
    kw are both my initials and the measure for engine power – fits quite nicely, doesn’t it?

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