Porsche works team fields two 911 RSR in 2013

For the 2013 racing season, Porsche AG will field two new GT racecars based on the newest generation of the Porsche 911 at the Le Mans 24 hour race and in the World Endurance Championship (WEC). For the first time since the overall victory in 1998, a factory team from Porsche will tackle the famed long distance classic in France.

The two new Porsche 911 RSR, which race in the GTE category, will be run by the Porsche AG Team Manthey. The role of team manager goes to the experienced endurance specialist Olaf Manthey, who has celebrated five overall wins with Porsche at the Nürburgring 24 hour race and recently fielded a 911 GT3 RSR in the International GT Open.

“The new 911 RSR is currently being developed by our engineers and tested by our works drivers,” says Porsche Head of Motorsport, Hartmut Kristen. “What better time could there be to introduce the new car than the Porsche 911’s 50th anniversary.”

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  1. So that’s why they won’t support Flying Lizard — too busy riding in the WEC? What a pity. Especially since it’ll be two more years before the WEC can cope with the ALMS, and only because the latter will happily and noisily commit suicide. What a f*cked up world :(

  2. Not sure i get your point Martin, this is the development year for the 991 so its no surprise Porsche AG want to run them themselves with the help of Manthey, lets not forget that Manthey ran 2 997 RSR’s for Porsche AG back in 2006 before anyone else got them in 2007.

  3. @Kyle, what I meant really boils down to:

    The WEC is the wrong place to develop the car. The competition is a joke.

    But it doesn’t matter. By the time the new Porsche is ready for customer teams the WEC will be the best remaining endurance racing series because the ALMS will have killed itself by then.

  4. The ALMS is made up primarily of sprint races and those are not the right place to develop an Endurance racer, IMO the WEC is the perfect place to develop it.

    And quite how you think AF Corse 458’s crewed by Ferrari factory drivers are a joke is beyond me.

  5. I wrote ‘the competition is a joke’, not its (sole, seriously) top competitor.

    The whole series would be a joke if it wasn’t FIA-backed.

    One season running and the privateers try to flee already. Great job.

    If it ends up a two-way factory-supported battle for all its classes, that’ll count as a “success” for the WEC.

  6. thought the new car wasn’t going to be introduced until 2014?
    so 2013 is a development year for the new 911?
    could get my wires crossed?

  7. @matt e:
    Yes, 2013 is a development year for the new 911, this is just the point for the works entry. In 2014 the new 911 will be run by private teams.
    And @Martin:
    Sure the WEC is the right place for the development of the new car, because of the longer races, the better variety of tracks, the better worldwide public attendance AND the better competition – there will be two AF Corse Ferrari and two Aston Martin, which will not be easy to beat. What more competition to ask for?

  8. Terrific,only way to save ALMS & not so Grand Am.is staying close to LeMans group. Looking forward to all the neat mew Teams in sportcars this year. Bentley, AUDI, Mercedes, Morgan and perhaps a 12 cyl.ferrari in 2014. Save the MIAMI Marine Stadium and old palm beach.

  9. When the ALMS merges with Grand Am they will become the best broadcasted series anywhere. They will have live broadcasting and if they keep the current format, free online race videos for all.

    Sky restricts its online F1 races to UK viewers only. But not so the ALMS and grand am.

    If the “Grand ALMS” gets its categories and technical specs right they will truly good teams, and fans.

  10. Felbermayr and Flying Lizard in my opinion are higher caliber outfits than manthey.

    But perhaps that move by Porsche is to distance itself from customer teams. Because they might be having a customer-bid process to see which customer teams deserve backing for an LMP1 program.

    Just my opinion

  11. @Bamba:
    The Porsche policy is to develop the new 911 next year “in public”, but with a “neutral” team, which is Manthey, to avoid discussions about prefering one team. This way they hope to not only get back the old customers like Flying Lizards and Felbermayr, but also sell the new GTE and GT3 911 to new customers currently running other brands in 2014.
    For LMP1, 2013 will see only testing, 2014 there will be a factory team and in 2015 the prototype will be available in a LMP1 and probably also an LMP2 version for other teams.

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