BMW confirms Z4 GTE for American Le Mans Series

BMW Motorsport will again compete in the American Le Mans Series in 2013. At the end of season party in Maisach the German manufacturer confirmed that the BMW Z4 GTE will replace the BMW M3 GT next season.

“This change in model shows that we are focussing fully on the BMW Z4 as an all-encompassing GT car,” said BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt. “The BMW Z4 GT3 has been very successful on the GT3 scene in recent years, and has proven its ability to win races. I am confident this car will also play a major role as a GTE car in the ALMS.”

The driver line-up for the 2013 American Le Mans Series season will be anounced at a later date.

It was also announced that the BMW Z4 GT3, which finished second in the Blancpain Endurance Series and fourth in the FIA GT1 World Championship, will return to the major international GT racing series, as well as the 24-hour events in Dubai and at the Nürburgring.

(image: BMW Motorsport)

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  1. Good news! I’m hoping that they’ll run the car(s) at Le Mans as well. Would be good to see them take on the new Porsche and of course the Ferrari’s, Corvettes and Astons.

  2. BMW has found a way to continue its presence in North America in a relatively easy way – I wonder which manufacturer will be the next to realize that the many GT3 cars that are available nowadays can be relatively easily adapted to GTE rules. I’m sure Porsche has a comparable concept with the new 911 – running it either as GTE or GT3 with only minor adaptations. Would be nice to have a Mercedes SLS adapted to GTE regulations in ALMS, for example.

  3. What we all want to know is what engine is this car going to use? Unless BMW homologates the Z4 road car with a V8 engine, then they are faced again with the issue that they had back in 2001 before the M3GT V8 was banned by IMSA for BMW failing to produce a road car with a V8 engine. Or will IMSA give them a waiver this time? After all the SRT Viper’s engine is 8.0L instead of 8.4L (in the road car) and is 2.5L larger than the regulations allow!

  4. The Z4 has proved itself in FIA GT and Endurance races in 2012 and should be a contender in ALMS on a level playing field.

  5. Terrific looking,looks like a pretty Panos. ALMS GT racing will great again for the 3rd year in a row,as a driver, patron or fan!

  6. not a bad idea to go with the 2013 BMW Z4GTErae car, lets hope while using the Z4, the BMW M factory team can work on the next generation BMW M3 Coupe GTE race car for 2014 or 2015! lets hope to see the Z4 and the next Generation M3 at the 24 hours of lemans! :-)

  7. Ferrari, corvette and porsche might get a little annoyed because they all have built dedicated GTE cars.

    But this Z4 will need a few rules tweaks to fit in.

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