Atlantic Racing Team plans 2013 Asian LeMans Series campaign

A new racing series in Asia, a new team! Atlantic Racing Team (ATL) will be entering two LMP cars in the new Asian LeMans Series for 2013.

ATL was very successful in the 2012 Blancpain Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia with 4 Gallardo’s as a service team. ATL had multiple wins and podium places resulting in second place team, and second and third place driver standings. ATL has been approached to enter the Asian LeMans Series (ALMS) as a result of this success.

The official statement of team manager Ingo Strackerjan was one of cautious enthusiasm;
”We are certainly delighted to bring this team to the ALMS. We entered into agreements for putting two LMP cars on the starting grid. As always in the off-season, the waiting game and confirmations of drivers, funding, sponsors and so forth will play a decisive role of the dates when we are able to announce the first test days for cars and drivers.

What I can confirm now is that a) we have our team in place; b) we will be active again in the 2013 Blancpain Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia with at least 4 cars and c) we are also considering re-entering Formula racing; all of it in Asia. ATL will also, if the timing is right, consider one entry in the prestigious “12 Hours of Sebring” Endurance Racing weekend.”

Initial talks with and for driver selections have been in progress since early November and it is hoped that the first driver will be announced shortly. “Entering into the Asian LeMans series is largely motivated by, via winning the championship, entering the “24 Hrs of LeMans” in the following year.

This prize, given by the organizers, is a great opportunity for endurance race drivers to show the international community their ability and also gives the driver’s sponsors great visibility,” mentions Strackerjan, and goes on to explain further;

”Due to the specific regulation that at least one driver has to be of Asian origin/nationality, this series will be a great bonus for Asian drivers to measure their talents on an international platform. I think we all have our dreams and goals in racing and surely this opportunity can be a realistic way to fulfil one’s driving dream. Competition will be, as we have seen in ELMS and ALMS, very stiff and the grids will be filled with not only excellent teams but also international drivers.

“Do we as a team think that we might be too optimistic in entering into the Lamborghini and the ALMS series at the same time? I don’t think so as we created one of the strongest teams in 2012 by assembling the finest engineers, mechanics and helpers a team can only wish for. Most team members are either from Asia or have lived here for a long time. They know the environment, tracks, weather and other decisive factors.

All this will of benefit to the overall performance of ATL. Yes, I am excited and I know our team members are too! Clearly we are still looking for funded drivers for the LMP car, matching the requirements of the regulations as well as those having the desire to be part of a winning team. Driver line-up in the Lamborghini team is nearing completion and it will be announced at the official calendar launch.”

(Image: Marcel ten Caat/Planetlemans)

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  1. I have designed a car and power train that may beat all other cars on the tracks of the world. If I can find your e-mail address, I would send you the drawings of a hybrid car that may top 300 mph. If it can be built and is as good as I hope it is, grown men may cry.

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