ESM Patrón to Compete in 2013 ALMS P2 Class

Tequila Patrón and Scott Sharp will return to their American Le Mans Series roots in 2013 with Extreme Speed Motorsports set to swap to the P2 prototype class.

Moving into the purpose-built Honda Performance Development ARX-03b prototypes, Extreme Speed Motorsports (ESM) and Tequila Patrón will run for the P2 championship beginning with the 61st Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring Fueled by Fresh from Florida next month.

The ESM driver lineup remains the same with Scott Sharp and Johannes van Overbeek co-driving the No. 01 Tequila Patrón racing machine, and Ed Brown and Guy Cosmo in the sister No. 02 Tequila Patrón prototype.

The announcement comes off the heels of ESM’s best season to date where Sharp and van Overbeek finished second in the GT championship in 2012, which included victories at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park and Petit Le Mans.

ESM owner/driver Sharp returns to prototype racing where he won the ALMS LMP1 championship in 2009 aboard the Patrón Highcroft Racing Acura ARX-02a prototype with co-driver David Brabham. The pairing also won four times in Acura’s P2 car during the 2008 ALMS season. Sharp’s co-driver van Overbeek is new to the P2 class but has amassed more than 100 ALMS starts and expects to be up to speed quickly in the new black and green racing machine.

Racing in the P2 class will be new to Brown, who eagerly supports Tequila Patrón’s return to prototype sports car racing with the goal of earning podium finishes and setting the foundation for a championship run during the 2014 combined sports car series. Brown will leverage the knowledge of co-driver Cosmo during the 2013 season. Like Sharp, Cosmo is a former P2 race-winner with a 2005 victory in a Mazda-powered prototype.

The 2013 American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila begins with the 61st Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring Fueled by Fresh from Florida on March 11-16.

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  1. Sometimes there are really positively surpring news. I thought there would be no LMP2 participation this year in ALMS, which would have been a bad perspective towards 2014. But now that Extreme Speed comes with two LMP2 and Conquest has also stated they would return to ALMS this year (but not sure if with an LMP2), maybe also Scott Tucker now thinks twice and comes back to have competition with ESR?

  2. It’s possible that the Extreme Speed LMP2 hondas might have come from Level 5 in a leasing deal.

    If that’s the case level 5 would not be in P2 this year then.

    Or maybe extreme speed is buying up refurbished and updated chassis from another team like highcroft, or fernandez racing.

  3. They only decided to go to LMP2 because Risi came back. Which means they would not be getting free factory updates anymore since the factory team is back.

    Seeing their performance compared to Risi in the ALMS winter test, they realized how much of a difference factory support makes.

    With the main factory team back, they would have to buy factory updates throughout the season now, and that can be very costly.

    Since ferrari was not directly involved, they were supporting ESM with engineers, and performance upgrades. So their cars were probably up the same specifications as the AF Corse cars, which explains their performance this past season.

  4. Bamba, a bit wrong with the leasing cars. Level 5 still has 1 of their cars. They will be racing it at LeMans the 2nd car was sold to Starworks as Potolichio owned the car they were using last year. these however are not refurbished cars, the 01 a/b/c/d/e/g (don’t know why there wasn’t an “f” raced) was derived off the Courage chassis. The 03 is not, it is made in England by Wirth. So these would be brand new cars as Potolochio did not sell his car and Level 5 did sell one of theirs. There were 3 made in total last year now there are 5 made. New cars for ESM.

  5. Well, I said “possible” that they were leased, and “maybe” they were refurbished. I didn”t make it definite because I wasn’t sure.

    They will need a bulk order of spare parts for the #02 car. Ed Brown had some spectacular crashes in the Ferrari last year.

  6. What’s interesting to me is the apparent sudden decision to change classes. The ESM newsletter as recently as last month was all about their strong championship possibilities w/ the 458. If they based their decision to change on the ALMS test early this month, it would hardly give Wirth time to build up two new chassis in a matter of days. Or do you think they had enough spare tubs and components around to quickly bolt the things together and ship them. ESM already has a car they’ve done some private testing with and posted pics. Seems all a bit sudden for brand new cars, unless they’ve been plotting this for months and have been exceedingly coy…

  7. The team has purchased Enzo Potolicchio’s car and has bought a brand new HPD chassis. The one the team has been testing in white this past week is the ex-Potolicchio car.

  8. Bad pit stops,rent A riders, poor team crew mangement and crew had a lot to do with the average race results. TID bit’s!

  9. TIDE ferrari, what are you referring to exactly?

    If it’s about ESM or Ed Brown, they’re one of the best organized teams. Ed Brown simply has more money than driving skills. But without him there will be no ESM, since he is the one who signs the checks for their sponsorship dollars.

  10. So Enzo did decide to sell his car. Last i heard he was going to campaign it in Asia for a few select races.

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