Wolf Racing Cars to build Daytona Prototype for 2014

WOLF GB08SItalian constructor Wolf Racing Cars have announced the construction of their first Daytona Prototype chassis ahead of it’s planned debut in the 2014 Daytona 24 hours and a full season entry in the new United SportsCar Racing series.

The car, already dubbed the GB09, is being designed by Richard Romanelli and will be powered by a BMW powerplant but will take all current Daytona Prototype engines. Initial testing will start as soon as the first car is complete, after which one car will be send to the United States whilst the second car will remain in Italy for development purposes.

The GB09 will be run by the Wolf factory team at Daytona before being handed over to Wolf’s first customer team, fully supported by the Italian manufacturer. Wolf’s Ivan Bellarosa: “We have a team already lined up to run the car in the new series after Daytona but we do not want to get ahead of ourselves. First we need to get the completion of the car and the first tests out of the way before we start announcing the complete programme.” Bellarosa, who has taken more than 30 victories and won the 2012 SPEED Euroseries in Wolf machinery, would concede that he would be driving the car himself at Daytona.

The reasons for a Daytona Prototype programme, instead of an earlier suggested LMP2 chassis are clear, as Bellarosa explains: “We know we can build a car that is both beautifully engineered and competitive. The regulations give us a chance to really compete with Riley and Corvette and the future for the new series looks very bright. Basically if we do a good job in Daytona Prototypes, then we can build a winning car.”

The GB09 is part of a larger push for Wolf Racing Cars with another three models, one of which is rumoured to be a GT car developed in conjunction with Colorado-based Evocativo Engineering, to be launched in the next three years. We will have to wait for more news on the Daytona Prototype and other Wolf models but after years of success in Europe, this looks like a very good and well thought-out move. And good news all round for the new United SportsCar Racing series.

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  1. Whatever the team that will be running the chassis had better be a well funded outfit, to make it work

  2. Ahhh at long last: I miss those colors from the ’70s when Walter Wolf, navy blue and gold adorned a formula one.

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